Introduce yourself and Tell us about Undeveloped?


I’m Reza, one of the founders of Undeveloped.com which is a marketplace for domain names where we connect buyers and sellers of domains transparently.


What were the initial difficulties you faced when starting and how did you overcome them?


The first 12 months of Undeveloped’s life were really though. We had to overcome quite some challenges like losing our sole technical founder. So basically we had to hack everything together without having funds to get someone else on board and without having a full-time developer on board. In that period we really struggled to get our product development up to speed.


What ignited the spark in you to start Undeveloped?


The state of the domain industry. I’ve seen the industry be at a standstill and enter even decline for no good reason. We made it our own mission to clean up the industry and introduce a new wave of excitement in the domaining world.


How is Undeveloped different from the competition?


We’re the first party that introduced a transparent en open domain marketplace. I think the biggest difference between us and the competition is that we consider domain buyers as important as the sellers. We want to make sure domain buyers feel comfortable acquiring a domain from the aftermarket and provide them as much as possible guidance throughout the entire process.


What are your businesses strengths and weaknesses? How do you plan to convert the weaknesses into strengths?


Our biggest strength is our team. We’ve got a senior, well-balanced team that’s hungry to change the domain industry for the better good. Our biggest weakness is that we’re tackling the industry with 15 guys and girls while our competitors have over 150 people on staff. Then again because we’ve got a small team we’re fast and nimble. That’s how we benefit from our weakness.


Provide us with some insight on how it feels to be an entrepreneur versus an employee?


Honesty I think one of the biggest differences is that as an entrepreneur you start something and are just a bit more open to risk but that’s it. At some point when the team grows, you’ll add brilliant team members and the company itself turns into an organism of which you as the founder are just a part of.


What is your future goal for the company? How far do you want to take it?


We want to be the dominant domain marketplace in all 700 extensions in the world within the next 2 to 3 years and connect both buyers and sellers of domains in all of them.


What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?


Perseverance, dedication, and vision.


How do you market your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing?


We have various channels ranging from organic to paid acquisition. Our most successful form of marketing is using our parking pages to create a bigger brand awareness and attract new sellers to our marketplace. We have tens of thousands of parking pages all over the world using our landing pages.


Who has been your greatest inspiration?


My dad. He’s thought me many valuable lessons regarding entrepreneurship.


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Email: contact@undeveloped.com

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