Introduce yourself and Tell us about WebHR?


My name is Naveed Memon, i’m the co-founder of WebHR. WebHR is a Cloud based Social HR Software for SMEs that handles everything from Hire to Retire. WebHR assists in managing a company’s most important asset – its Human Resource. Used by over 12,000 companies in 190 countries, WebHR is destined to be the Primary HR tool in the Cloud.


What were the initial difficulties you faced when starting WebHR how did you overcome them?


Major difficulty we faced was in scaling up the application in a very little time. After launching the app, as soon as we integrated with Google Apps, we start receiving massive number of sign ups per day. To meet the needs of all of the clients, it was becoming difficult to catch up with all of their needs and requirements.

To overcome this, we brought a few programmers and support staff and literally worked day and night to be able to respond to all of the client’s needs.


What ignited the spark in you to start WebHR?


We identified a need for a software in work-place that had some social aspects like Facebook and LinkedIn. And since most companies block employees’ access to these social networks, we felt a need for a software that can bring all of a company’s employees together at one platform. While at the same time, realizing that they have a lot of HR related needs. That’s how WebHR was born, a Social HR Software.


How is your company WebHR different from the competition?


Our focus from day one was to provide a user-friendly software – we wanted to create a friendly environment for all employees, besides this, our software has more HR and Social modules and reports than any other similar software on the Internet.


What are your businesses strengths and weaknesses? How do you plan to convert the weaknesses into strengths?


Our strengths include our feature rich Social HR software – our weakness is the ability to cater to Payroll infrastructure of major countries such as US, UK, Brazil, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, etc. So far we have been able to fully integrate Payroll for China, Pakistan, India and Malaysia. And we are working hard on remaining countries.


Provide us with some insight on how it feels to be an entrepreneur versus an employee?


I have been an employee for almost 6 years, and then became an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur makes you feel free – you do what you want to do – you do things your way. You can say no to whatever you like. Of course it has its own challenges, but at least you are free.


What is your future goal for the company? How far do you want to take it.


We aim to become the number 1 global HR software – our next goal is to reach 50,000 companies by the end of next year.


What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?


Determination, specific set of goals and hard work


How do you market WebHR? What has been your most successful form of marketing?


Our most successful form of marketing has been Social Media marketing. We do a lot of Search Engine Optimization as well.


How do you build a successful customer base?


We try to engage with our customers more, we have realized that the more we interact with our customers the loyal they become to our software.


Who has been your greatest inspiration?


My greatest inspiration has always been Steve Jobs. I have been reading a lot about him and try my best to copy his ways. Especially for employees management.


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Online Demo [ username: admin — password: admin ]

Email: info@webhr.co

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