Introduce yourself and tell us how did you get the idea for Ac2ality?

My name is Daniela McArena and founder of Ac2ality. After 9 months working for the United Nations, I realized that creating a newspaper exclusively for Millennials was more than necessary. Every morning I heard the interns saying “Can anyone summarize what is happening in Venezuela?” Others said, ” I am too lazy to read this long article”. 

I felt the same way when reading long articles and didn’t understand the story fully. It seemed to me newspapers were missing the point.

As studies show, our generation has had a smartphone since they were 10 years old and, on average, Millennials are able to pay attention for 10 seconds and too short, simple messages and emoticons.

That’s the reason why I created “Ac2ailty”: Two-minute news for dummies. It was just out of necessity.

The difference with other digital newspapers? We explain the news in a visual and entertaining way, with very easy vocabulary.

What are your responsibilities as a business owner?

At the moment, I focus on all the business development and strategy, including the recruitment of journalists (mostly graduate students from all over the world).

However, in the beginning, I couldn’t count on anyone but myself, so I basically did everything: I created and managed the website, social media, even wrote the news and designed the flowcharts (our news is visual with pictures, flowcharts).

Still, I have to do all of that many times as I rely a lot on the interns.

What sacrifices have you made to become an entrepreneur?

First, I had to leave my job and my career (although I created Ac2ality while I was working, there was a moment when I had to decide. Or one thing, or the other).

Second, I had to borrow some money and spend all my savings when I didn’t even know how to make a business plan, nor how Ac2ality could make money.

Third, work harder than in your last job.  

How are you marketing your business? What strategies are working and what isn’t?

Digital Marketing 100%. We mostly focus on Google Ads and Analytics, Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram is our best “investment”. That’s where (sadly) all Millennials spend most of their day. We gain followers fast who later click on our website. I also like to call Ac2ality “Instagram’s newspaper”.

What have been your most satisfying moments in business?

When I started receiving super positive messages from people I didn’t know. I thought that could never happen. Also, when I saw our subscribers growing and growing every day. I cannot even explain how much that made me believe in myself.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

First, if you NEED or WOULD FOR SURE HAVE the product/idea you’re developing/selling, DO IT. Many want it and need it too.

Second, every morning, visualize for 5 minutes how you’d like your company to be in 5 years. Have faith and believe that is going to happen. You probably have heard this advice many times. That’s why it means it works and you shouldn’t ignore it.

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