Are Entrepreneurs the Answer to Student Career Development


In the world that GenM operates in, entrepreneurs (like you) are the answer to student career success. On the face of it, business pioneers and budding students seem like an entirely different species. However, if you look closer you find that they are walking very similar paths. Both are growing, learning, and building upon their knowledge with the ultimate goal of landing exactly where they planned: a successful future where goals have been met and optimal growth has been achieved.

A startup is seeking to find its industry footing and plant its roots. In the same way, students are seeking to find their career placement and settle in. The most interesting part of this is that they can actually help each other to do so.

Student marketers come to learn and develop their skills in digital marketing. They do this on the learning platform, for free, as part of their certification training. A key part of this training is working remotely with businesses to apply their knowledge and work with a mentor. Their learning is accelerated while in their apprenticeship – everything they’ve been taught in the curriculum can be applied within the businesses that they are helping.

In this way, they are able to build skills in many categories of digital marketing at the same time: social media management, email campaigns, content creation, SEO, ad campaigns, and so on. While doing this, they receive active feedback from the business they’re working with and gain valuable direction.

At the same time a startup, small business, or entrepreneurial endeavor can get help in checking marketing tasks off their to-do list. All of the items that seem to pile up, big or small, can be tackled by their student marketer for a 3 month period. Their apprentice can work with them, remotely, for up to 10 hours a week. By the end of the apprenticeship, this has an incredible win-win effect. For the student marketer, they’ve achieved their digital marketing certification and new work credentials to boost their resume. For the business, they’ve been able to grow and move forward without spending financial resources.

How Will GenM Help You

The most important takeaway here for you, the entrepreneur and startup, is that you have a lot to offer student marketers. They also have more to offer your business than you might initially think. They’re keen, bright students training in digital marketing, hoping to learn about your business and how to help. The very best part is that the platform has made it easy for you to explore hundreds of remote student marketers. You can chat with them, and ultimately hire them with the quick one-click labor contract. Help a student advance their career and grow your business at the same time. Do you see? It’s a win-win.

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