Conscripts- The Decentralized Gaming Platform

Conscripts is a decentralized platform where you can play NFT games, find gaming soulmates and earn tokens. Powered by $CONZ a cryptocurrency developed on the Binance Smart Chain Conscripts aims to have a reward system. The users have rewarded tokens by doing actions on the site like registering, commenting, making announcements, and staking. By using the site and playing Darkspace, conscripts intergalactic game users will be able to find other gamers & earn tokens.

Our team has more than 8 years in the gaming/esports and digital field. Franz Cavatorta, Conscripts founder has +8 years of experience working with big names in the esports industry. We are proud to be the top seller for the gaming niche in the ThemeForest marketplace. With more than 16k sales on our WordPress Premium Themes on his agency SkyWarrior. The rest of the team is related to digital and crypto also with +8 years of expertise in specific niches. We look to connect gaming with crypto and other niches which are interesting for us on the digital ecosystems. We know it will not be obsolete in the future, that’s how we envision our escalating milestones. 

There are several apps where you can find friends to play with, create an environment, have a digital persona, and have digital-related experiences. The majority of platforms are app-based or mobile-based. The current gaming demographic is PC-based and PC players don’t like to use a phone to play. A web-based ecosystem is needed and is more ideal for this specific section of gaming. Conscripts. gg focuses purely on playing NFTs and finding other gamers to play with. The crypto aspect is something competently new in this field, there is no other platform like it. 


Conscripts have just announced their intergalactic video game called DARKSPACE. Every gamer has to mint their planet, fight for resources and even conquer galaxies. Inspired by people who want to have fun and want to stack and have some liquidity while playing. The game allows users to sell their NFT planets, resources and interact with each other, all in one place. 

The CONZ platform rewards based on playing, interactions, and socializing. At the same time, its token keeps the ecosystem stable by allowing rewards, in-game purchases, and staking. In places like Asia, where the payment system is one of the most advanced, similar ecosystems exist successfully. The Conscripts team looks to bring this experience by creating their own ecosystem with high measures. Making sure to deliver a great game experience from start to end. 

While Conscripts is currently working on growing the community their roadmap focuses on upgrading the system to a 2.0 platform and launching DARKSPACE. Launching the Conscripts 2.0 means that users will have more features on the platform like an NFT marketplace, individual clan features, profile personification, optimized ways to match and play, and more profile features. Conscripts 2.0 will bring monetization on the site, meaning that users will be able to upgrade the account to premium, will be able to stake their CONZ and mint their own planets. 


In total, there are around 2.8 billion gamers across the globe but only 106 million people are now using cryptocurrencies. This represents a great opportunity for both categories to grow together as there might be gamers that are not knowledgeable about crypto and crypto users that might be interested in gaming. The most particular thing for Conscripts is to tap into both markets and create a real gaming experience for both. 

For more information please visit their website.

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