EnergyxPower is a dynamic Australian alternative energy company, incorporated within the state of New South Whales.

Working towards a cleaner and greener world. Our electrical innovation and discovery have helped in significant breakthroughs such as primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) energy markets.

Energyxpower’s top priority and the main focus is to bring this innovation into the global market as fast as possible.

This will help the consumer drastically as for the same amount of money they can expect to get 200+% improved energy performance at the same price.

This will mean “more bang for the buck” and helping to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Energyxpower is an exciting new company that is seeking to lead the movement within the primary and secondary energy fields.


Mission Statement 


To bring a cleaner, greener, and smarter form of energy to the global market through the innovative discoveries of the Xpower Battery. Click To Tweet

The current technology for a non-rechargeable battery is thrown away when its “charge” has been used up. 85% of batteries used at the moment are not rechargeable. Most of them are used in your TV, remote controls, toys etc.

Recycling of batteries has gotten better over the years but unfortunately, many of them still end up in landfills. According to stats just in the USA alone, the estimated waste is about 180,000 tonnes per year.

The Xpower battery can significantly reduce that waste all without any increase in cost which makes it a win-win situation.


EnergyxPower Company 


The director/founder of Energyxpower is Robby Perkovic. He has over 20 years of business experience and his purpose is to make a HUGE impact within the world. Robby is working on this company from the ground up with some initial support from friends and others.

It was while working within the solar market for a large Chinese company (Akcome Power) in sales that he decided to start Energyxpower. After dealing with large Australian companies, who all needed to lower energy bills the idea sparked in his mind. These big companies needed a “Game Changer” as the current renewable options just weren’t cutting it for their business.

High demands for capital investments and a long ROI just wasn’t chosen for many companies engaged.

It was this plea for help, that set off an idea which Robby had parked after extensively researching the alternative energy field over the last 5 years that has to lead to the creation of Energyxpower on the back of the patent-pending technology.



Future Goals


The future of this innovative technology and the impact it will have on the world looks promising. Focusing on the immediate future is all upon bringing the xpower battery tech to market. Future plans are R&D for xpower generate an inexpensive power for the average home and business utilizing the same energy.

Energyxpower is currently negotiating with companies who are looking for “outside of the box” solutions to the high energy costs while trying to stay viable in the marketplace. You can join our mailing list and stay up to date with it all. 

This is an exciting and ambitious goal with huge potential for our homes, businesses, and planet. Becoming independent from electrical grids, reducing carbon emissions and global footprint, all the while slashing the amount of money going towards energy. That equates MORE into the local and global economy, more money in your pocket and more money to spend back into the economy, as we all move into the 21st century.

It is anticipated that other applications will develop on the back of this world first discovery. Where that will take humanity is yet to be realized.




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