Introduce Yourself & Tell us about GlobalX?

My name is Kai, and I am Product Manager at GlobalX UK. I graduated with a Law Degree in 2012, having no intention to practice. Certain events led me to fall into the Product. I discovered instantly that I loved to do, and that is where I have been ever since.

One of the products that we are working on currently is Matter Centre. It is a fully end-to-end conveyancing workflow solution that provides conveyancers with full digital integration into the likes of Land Registry, HMRC, and other any other repositories that may assist in automating the conveyancing process. This slick automation allows conveyancers more time to handle the legal work, and spend less time working on administrative tasks. 

What led to the creation of Matter Centre?

Our primary service is providing conveyancers with property reports and data. Last year, we started to receive a few requests from our clients regarding whether we could integrate with their systems. Ideally, they would order from our website and the reports would then automatically appear in their case management software. When looked into the possibility of this, we realized a gap in the market for a conveyancing specific workflow solution. Why have two platforms; one for ordering searches and one for storing them, when you can have one. This led us to a journey of discovery that resulted in Matter Centre.

What is your software Unique Selling Point?

Matter Centre is currently the only conveyancing specific workflow solution for lawyers in the UK market. Our goal is to optimize conveyancing, from the lawyer’s perspective, as far as we can. Relentless focus on this specific problem domain means that, as both a data company and a SaaS provider, we can provide unique insight directly into our software that others cannot. We provide our client with a single vendor for both their software and the data that goes into it. That seamless integration between two streamlines the process and our customers can see the benefit of that.

How are you marketing GlobalX

Our marketing strategy consists of building an advocacy program with our existing clients. The conveyancing market is very interconnected. On any transaction, there are always at least two firms involved so it gives us an ample opportunity for natural organic growth as our users are communicating daily with prospects.

We are also doing a lot of local networking, sponsorship content marketing and providing free training. We recently released a whitepaper on workflows which is all about optimizing processes to save time which businesses can do without needing our software (though or software makes that task a lot easier for them)

What is your favorite business book? How has it helped in your business?

There are so many to choose from, but if there is a book that I consult and return to more than most, it’s Lean UX, by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. Lean UX principles have allowed us to work in a far more cross-functional and user-centric environment. By bringing the whole team along for the entire design journey, we challenge our assumptions very early on and thus deliver value to our customers far sooner. This causes less waste, less tech debt, happier customers, more problem-oriented solutions, and more significant business impact.

What do you like best about being a product manager for GlobalX?

There are so many things to love. What could possibly be more fun than spending your days surrounded by likeminded people, innovating new solutions to old problems? You also get to see things from a much wider perspective than others. You aren’t sat in your silo looking at just your problems you’re looking at everyone’s while putting the customer’s problem above everything else.

There are also great online communities, like Product Coalition, for Product Managers. So even though I might be the only product manager in my company I can seek advice and knowledge from elsewhere while giving back myself. Right now I’m in a discussion about how best we can utilize the data science to approve our product and what challenges I should expect.

What have been your most satisfying moments in business?

Where do I start? Being part of an exciting and fast-growing company? Being part of an award-winning team? Witnessing first-hand our first Matter Centre users experience the benefits of our solution? I am extremely proud of the team that we have built, and what we are achieving and incredibly excited about the future.

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