How Nomopoly Will Change The Future Of Banking



Nomopoly The Next Generation Of Banking


Technology continues to impact our lives more and more every day. The Internet has revolutionized our way of life for the better. It has empowered and brought us closer together. It has made interacting with one another seamless, cheap and easy, no matter the distance.

Now, we are on the verge of a new revolution, that once again will reshape our everyday lives forever. With the adoption of Blockchain technologies, we are moving towards decentralization and transparency. It has nearly endless possibilities of application. It offers greater security than big financial institutions with only a fraction of the cost and full transparency.

Banking nowadays is a slow, expensive and outdated system, resulting in a bad user experience. Nomopoly believes that people deserve a better way to manage their funds. As innovative and success-driven entrepreneurs, they decided to do something about it. To create something that is faster and cheaper than current systems.



Nomopoly – Simple, Safe & Decentralized


The world today is a different place than 20 years ago. Access to everything becomes imminent and is at our fingertips at all times. Everything except our finances, which are still operating on old principles, costing us time and money because of the outdated corporate structure. The banking hours are short and the process slow and time-consuming. On top of that, there’s a lot of high direct and hidden fees.

International bank transfers can take up to several days and can cost a small fortune. We think that it’s unfair. With our Mobile Application, sending money becomes instant and available anytime, anywhere. Although a small fee is required to keep up the network of transactions, it’s just a fraction of the cost of a normal bank transaction fee.

Purchasing and holding cryptocurrencies in exchanges is risky. It is vulnerable to phishing and cyber attacks. Therefore, it’s not a sustainable method to store your assets in the long term. Online and offline wallets, on the other hand, will have a greater level of security, but it’s more complicated to access and not meant for everyday use. Therefore, we have created a mobile wallet, that is simple, easy to use and secure. These are our core values at Nomopoly.we have created a mobile wallet, that is simple, easy to use and secure. These are our core values at Nomopoly. Click To Tweet


How Does Nomopoly Work Compare To Banks


At the core of Nomopoly is our mobile application. Around that application, we will build a number of services one by one. Some of the services mentioned need additional licenses and compliance with international standards. This will take time, funds and work to acquire. Therefore, we have decided to launch a basic Mobile Wallet Application at first, adding additional features step by step. Before releasing a feature for a public use, we will conduct a Beta Testing phase for each service prior the release.

Anyone can participate in our Beta Testing program, although the spots will be limited. In return, participants will receive NOMO Tokens as a reward. More information about our Beta Testing program will be available shortly. We have decided to operate in this manner and listen to the community feedback, to ensure the highest quality possible to our users. Not only do we fix the bugs and errors this way, also we will tailor our services according to the community feedback, making sure they will receive the best user experience possible.



Nomopoly ICO


Our business is built around Blockchain and the use of cryptocurrencies since we are firm believers in the future and positive impact of these new technologies. There’s a lot of benefits of using cryptocurrencies over Fiat currencies. Until now, the only downside has been the complexity to purchase and use them. We are working to bring cryptocurrencies seamlessly to our everyday life, making it easier, faster and safer to use than our standard financial instruments could ever be.

There is only a preset amount of each cryptocurrency available in circulation, with no option of creating more at any given time in the future. Opposed to standard currencies that have been losing their value faster over time, making it not an economically viable place for storing assets in a long period of time.

There will be a rewards program built around Nomopoly. Users will be able to earn NOMO Tokens through various promotions, which are designed to increase user adoption and bring value to Nomopoly community. For example, users can get rewarded for referring their friends to Nomopoly, posting on social media, participating in our testing and customer surveys, shopping promotions, transaction volume or holding a certain amount of value in NOMO Tokens“.

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The Initial Coin Offering takes part at 13th May at 12:00 GMT.