How to get a Job in a Startup

how to get a job in a startup


There has been too much of buzz around startups lately. Startup jobs attract students. Having flexible work hours, an awesome company culture and learning experience with growth tempt them. By the time they graduate, they think startup jobs are out of their league and end up with typical 9-5 MNC jobs.



How to Get a Job in a Startup


In this article, I’ll tell you 7 effective ways how to get a job in a startup.


Acquire Skills


This is the most important part which is generally ignored by many students. Acquiring skills should be your primary concern, instead of directly jumping into the job hunting wagon. You should have a sound knowledge in whatever domain you want or feel like working in. There are various online resources which train you to get skilled.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln


Find a Mentor


Having a mentor is a popular trend in western countries. Someone holding your back from the same industry plays a huge role in your career track. A mentor is someone who knows ins and outs of your field and guides you towards your success. They will be a reference for you in the professional world and give an industry exposure building connections.


Build Projects


Having a small team, startups have a tight hand in hiring. They look for making a team which can deliver them results by building projects. So, work on portfolio-worthy projects which reflect your skills and first-hand working experience. Having a good portfolio will make you stand out of the crowd.



Maintain Online Presence


Make sure you have an updated profile on LinkedIn, AngelList, GitHub, etc along with your Facebook. This will make easier for companies to research about you. Now, you’re almost done with the preparations. Let us focus on the job fetching strategy now.


List Down & Research


Prepare a list of companies which provide great opportunities in your domain. Don’t make it a long list of 100 companies but 15-20 will do. Use their product/services. Read about their recent collaborations, founders, company’s potential direct/indirect competitors. Find a problem they face, try to find a solution. This kind of deep research will help you in the interview to impress. It’ll also help you in knowing more about the company culture and finding fit in the same.


Prepare Resume & Cover letter


Startups receive hundreds of Resumes for a single role, make sure yours is an eye catcher. Include your skills which will be beneficial for the job role, mention your achievements, projects, and hobbies. Prepare an excellent cover letter for each company; I won’t recommend a copy paste here. Write a unique cover letter for each company you apply for. Mention what did you like most about it and how would you be able to contribute to them.


Apply for Jobs and Nail the Interview


It’s time to actually fetch the job. Apply for jobs posted in AngelList, LinkedIn, Hirist, etc by companies in your list. Drop your Resume and Cover Letter wait for the telephonic interview. You can also write a follow-up mail, to show them you’re are really interested in joining that company. Impress them by your skills and projects in the interview. Ask them questions about company’s future plan, vision, major challenges, etc.

Following these simple steps will help you land in any Startup you want to work for. Startups provide a decent learning experience. Apart from this, startups have good peer culture; you’ll be working with people of your age group. Your ideas and innovation would get a recognition in the diverse work environment. So, if you want a swift career growth and are willing to take risks; Startups have a role for you.


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