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Introduce yourself and tell us about your business, Sup App?


I’m Rich Pleeth, founder of Sup, I started my career at L’Oreal, before moving to Google to lead Chrome Marketing in the UK, I helped make Chrome the number 1 browser in the UK and globally. I then moved to GetTaxi as global Chief Marketing Officer.

I started Sup app a little more than a year ago to solve a problem I encountered traveling for my previous employers: letting my friends know I was in this or that city.

Check ins on Facebook didn’t cut it because there would also be some delay, and I had already left. Sup notifies you when someone you know is around and lets you spontaneously meet up with them. We raised over a million dollars from the founders of Innocent Drinks and Force Over Mass Capital.


What made you choose this type of business and what is unique about it?


I’m super passionate about seeing my friends and Sup solves a big problem. We wanted to change the world, to make the world more social, social media at the moment makes us more anti-social, we spend more time staring at our phones and less time actually seeing friends.


What do you wish you knew before you started your business?


I always knew it was going to be hard, I just didn’t know it would be 50x harder than I thought.


How do you use social media to market Sup App?


We try to be active on all mainstream social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and post content that our users value. We use Snapchat to give them some insight into our daily startup life, and Facebook Messenger as one of our preferred channels for customer support and feedback.


What did you learn from your biggest failure?


That even in your lowest points you’re still learning and you’ll look back and see how much you learnt even when you thought you were a failure.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?


Make sure you get a lawyer to set up the company, get shareholder agreements and do all of the ‘boring’ company legal requirements to ensure there are no questions.


What unique selling points (USPs) do you offer that your competition doesn’t?


Sup doesn’t reveal anyone’s location, unlike Apple’s Find My Friends and others, so you don’t have the creep factor. We also believe Sup is the quickest way to meet up: it only takes a few seconds to tell your friends you want to hang out!


What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?


Apart from the obvious salary sacrifice, it’s very tough on your social life, you spend a huge amount of time in the office or going to events in the evening, I virtually have something every evening.

Your co-founder becomes your best friend as you spend so much time with them. It’s all very hard to maintain a new relationship as your startup becomes your girlfriend.


What is your favorite book and why? How has it helped you in your business?


Purple Cow by Seth Godin. He makes you think, take a step back and see how you can make your product stand out — make it something people want to talk about and have in their lives.”


What is your future goal for Sup App?


We want to change the world, to make the world more social. When a friend is just down the road you get to see them.


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