Introduce yourself and tell us about TekRevol?

My name is Asim Rais Siddiqui, I am the Co-founder and CTO of TekRevol. Being the CTO, my expertise lies in software solutions and next-generation technologies; I’ve got over a decade’s worth of hands-on experience in development and enterprise digitization.

Tekrevol LLC is a leading company best known for crafting creative digital products and providing personalized tech solutions to enterprises and entrepreneurs. Within a span of two years, our company has grown to a team of over sixty people, with three established offices around the globe that cater to a diverse range of industries including tourism, automobiles, social service and community building, e-commerce, real estate, gaming, and entertainment.

What led to your interest in starting TekRevol?

I had spent 10 years working for established app development companies when one day the company I worked for found itself in the middle of a crisis and decided to shut down. Along with eighty other people, I found myself jobless and I did NOT appreciate feeling uncertain and helpless about my future.

THAT’S when I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own business. And since then we’ve been nominated 19 times and featured on platforms like The Baltimore Sun, NBC Palm Springs and Forbes. It’s been the most thrilling experience in my career, and it’s changed my life completely.

What is TekRevol’s unique selling point?

TekRevol is a combination of the words, technology, and revolution. A lot of our projects are socially driven, with the potential to transform entire communities and challenge practiced procedures and norms. We’ve worked on projects that address societal issues as large as high crime rates and unequal opportunities for population sectors, to relatively smaller ones like, delivery inconveniences and a lack of connectivity with professional networks.

By partnering with our clients on projects that are socially driven, we inspire other people to start thinking about how they can change the world. We educate them wherever needed, guide their choices so they can make well-informed decisions, and motivate them enough to pursue their visions.

When you see real people making a real difference in the world, it reinforces the idea that anything you imagine can be brought to life through technology.

What sacrifices have you made to become a successful entrepreneur?

There were a lot of risks that we took, and challenges that we had to overcome, to get to where we are now. But we made the most out of every experience, by seeing it as an opportunity to learn from and improve. Having this outlook and attitude is one of the key reasons why we think we were able to succeed in our market.

One of the earliest risks we faced was in abandoning the security of employment and potentially endangering our families’ wellbeing. Looking back, it was definitely the first few months of operations in our new company that was the most difficult, and it took a lot of courage for us to keep going. 

At that point, our brand did not have a reputation or any market exposure, at all. Nobody knew what TekRevol was. We didn’t even know what our brand was or had to be. We only had one person working for us then. So, my partner and I would work nine-hour shifts at our day-jobs and then come home to continue working on building this ‘company’ of three. At times we’d have to work continuously for over 16-18 hours a day.

We completed the first few projects on our own, and eventually rented a small workspace that was shared. Even then, we would stress over paying the bills for that place. There were a lot of disappointing moments and a few months that we had no sales at all. It was tough for us not to be discouraged. But one of us would take it upon themselves to raise the other when we’d doubt our cause or purpose – one of the perks of being in a good partnership.

How are you marketing your business?

After working day and night, we’ve reached a place that very few people do in such a short time. As mentioned earlier, we’ve been featured at NBC Palm Springs, Forbes and The Baltimore Sun which has given TekRevol a significant boost.

TekRevol hasn’t followed the cliché marketing tactics, instead, the projects that we took had an air of social change around them that eventually created quite a hype at the time of their launch. For example, The PaPP program, an application designed to lower crime rates and increase transparency, by bridging the gap between law enforcement and the youth, in Baltimore City.

The aim of TekRevol’s partnership with the PaPP Program was to help bridge the gap between the youth and law enforcement agencies in Baltimore city and to build a stronger, safer and more united community for young minorities through the medium of technology.

This project, because of its social inclination, created quite a buzz when it went on. This helped us position ourselves as a startup that is socially driven and wants to change the world through innovative technology.

What advice would you give new entrepreneurs

To my luck, I’ve had many generous people who’ve given many helpful bits of advice in my youth, but there is this one advice that I still remember because it has kept me going even when things weren’t looking too bright. It was “focus on your strengths”

People will tell you to focus on your weaknesses but if I had done that, I would’ve never realized where my strengths were and it would have distracted me from achieving what I did. By focusing on my strengths I was able to push myself every day and that made me who I am today.

What is your favorite book and how has it helped in your business?

My all-time favorite business book is “Start With Why” as it helped to focus on creating the right vision of the company, and that’s not all, as I turned the pages I was fascinated by how the big names of today started out. Every word that I read inspired me and guided me to set my feet in the right direction, I also learned from the mistakes of others and therefore I was able to create a company culture that is unique in its own way.

What do you like best about being an entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur has changed my life completely. When you own something and are responsible for something as great as the livelihood of sixty other talented people, you’re accountable for all your decisions.

The pros are, you get to have this peace of mind. Where once monotony seemed impossible to overcome, now we’re faced with new challenges on a daily basis. It’s exhilarating, the ability to challenge our minds and pivot, learn new things, and continuously evolve.

What have been your most satisfying moments in business?

One of the most satisfying moments in business was when we landed ourselves a project called Oz leasing. It was basically an e-commerce website, where people could lease and purchase vehicles from the convenience of their homes. It was a challenging project for us to complete at the time with the lack of adequate resources, but we took it as an opportunity to showcase our skills, values and prove that we’ve got what it takes.

We were very hands-on with the project, which we’ve grown to love because we knew what we were building had an impact on people’s lives. We were able to change the way their company did business, and the biggest proof of our success with this project is that after a period of two years, we’re still in business with Oz leasing today.

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