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Brazilian startups


Innovative Brazilian Startups


Brazil’s tech industry has grown tremendously during 2015 – 2016 by almost 20%. Its startup ecosystem is still in its early days, but there are several startups that are getting quite a lot of media attention and are thriving in their industry. Due to this we decided to write an article and showcase some great innovative startups from Brazil and who knows, they may become one of the biggest corporations this world has yet to see.

These 10 companies listed below have performed exceptionally well in terms of success factors like the strength of the team, the size of industry and competitive environment.

Here are the top Brazilian startups of this year.





Youper is the first mobile app created to overcome social anxiety. They have blended psychological approaches and behavior analytics tech into an interactive and easy to use platform that can help empower people to overcome emotional issues they may have and find happiness.

The Founders of Youper are Jose Hamilton & Diego Dotta.







Winker is a Saas platform that is created to enable the property management ecosystem to be more effective and efficient through technology making daily activities automated. It provides services to both commercial and residential users.







Goomer is an android based tablet menu system created to add value to bars and restaurants in Brazil. The system is user-friendly and can be used by any age group. Its main aim and purpose is to improve the quality of service by providing a full restaurant experience to its customers.






Doare is an online fundraising platform for South American nonprofits with multi-currency support. The company also provides web and marketing services for the social sector. Doare focuses on recurring donations and provides a self-service solution to nonprofits in the region.






Lotebox provides online freight forwarding services in Brazil. They manage and organize the supply chain process, increase the efficiency of companies with a step-by-step process where cargo owners can quote, book, manage and track their shipments.

The founder of Lotebox is Luiz Gomez.






Credit Dream provides universal access to credit using smartphones and blockchain. They have created an app for the origination of loans in Brail, MeuCredito App and are currently building Swappy, where investors can buy and trade credit securities.

The founder of Credit Dream is Edmilson Rodrigues.






ROBBIoT is an industrial IoT startup that prevents and predicts accidents in heavy areas such as mining, O&G and chemical. It provides solutions using cloud, big data, analytics and wearables with diverse sensors as gas, dust, fall and vital signs. It uses the SaaS platforms.



CM Tecnologia




CM Tecnologia is a tech startup that brings efficiency and cost reduction to hospitals and clinics that offer an online schedule integrated solution. There aim is to provide peace to the provider and convenience to the patient.







Live is an app that connects people that go to the same events. It brings online dating to the real world by connecting people that have the same interests, music taste and social group. It is a great app to get to know people just like you. Go for it!






Descola is an innovative online school. Its focus is to create courses on a more inspiring and practical way to learn. Students enjoy learning and developing new skills by watching videos, read ebooks, doing exercises sharing information and much more.




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