Treenetics – The world’s First Carbon-Negative Cryptocurrencies

Rising Crypto Trading leads to a peak in Carbon Emissions

In the last months, the attention for cryptocurrencies among the general public skyrocketed. Interest in cryptocurrency trading increased and also carbon dioxide output. It is devastating how much energy crypto trading consumes. One Bitcoin transaction consumes an astonishing 1135000 Wh. This energy consumption leads to 500kg of carbon dioxide emitted – for every transaction! Treenetics on the other hand is based on the Binance Smart chain which uses PoA (Proof of Authority) instead of mining. Every Treenetics transaction would normally emit 12.5g of CO2 which is 45000 times less than Bitcoin. *1 

Becoming Carbon Negative

Treenetics unique tokenomics makes it possible to become carbon negative by 300 times. This is achieving with a 10 percent trade fee. 4 percent of the fee is redistributed to all holders, proportional to the amount of Treenetics tokens they hold as a reward. The other 6 percent finance planting trees in order to become carbon negative.

What makes this unique is that every transaction helps to save our planet and therefore provides a truly selfless and good use case for the amazing technology of the blockchain. It also provides a goodwill commitment to the speculative nature of Cryptocurrencies because both incoming and outgoing transactions are taxed and therefore remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Treenetics plants 300 trees for every 10kg of carbon dioxide emitted. This concept proves that environmentalism and capitalism can go hand in hand.

The Importance of trees for our Planet

We all have to take care of our planet for current and future generations. Part of that responsibility is to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, offsetting what we cannot reduce, and building a carbon-neutral or even better carbon negative future. Healthy trees and forests play a major role in our ecosystem. One tree captures about 10kg of carbon dioxide per year. Trees act as a natural solution against floods, erosion, and pollution. They stabilize the soil and provide the space and environment for the world´s wildlife.

Furthermore, trees can act as a natural AC for cities by providing shade and also vastly reducing road noises. Cooling down cities can reduce energy consumption because less air conditioning is needed.

Treenetics partners with The Arbor Day Foundation – the world´s leading NGO for planting trees. Their main aim is to plant trees all over the world in order to protect rain forests or make cities greener.

Treenetics’s Security Features

The main liquidity pool is locked for 5 years on DxLock. Treenetics LP scales automatically by demand – the newly accumulated LP tokens which are not extracted for planting trees will be also locked on a monthly basis according to their CEO. The trade fee is hard-coded to a maximum of 10%. The fee will be lowered in the future in order to boost trading activity. Every transaction rewards holders for their trust and support with Treenetics´s autonomous yield and liquidity generating protocol.

Treenetics’s ICO on DxSale

Treenetics pre-sale on the leading ICO platform DxSale will start on 29/8/2021. A pre-sale provides a fair launch for everyone. Treenetics ($Tree) is a BEP20 token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain with a total fixed supply of 1 Trillion tokens. Every pre-sale allocated token that does not sell during the ICO will be burned to ensure a deflated market and to guarantee that Treenetics´s price will not be lower than during the pre-sale to ensure fairness to early supporters.

Big Plans for the Future

Becoming carbon negative is only one goal of Treenetics. It aims to be a completely community-driven project. Listings on other major exchanges are also part of their roadmap. The main goal is to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as possible. Treenetics also aims to support other environmental protection projects in the future. Another part of their Roadmap is the launch of eco-friendly special NFT´s to raise money for bigger projects.

Treenetics will also host monthly competitions for the best community projects. The three winners selected will be awarded prize money which is financed through the trade fee.


Treenetics addresses one of the biggest criticisms about cryptocurrencies and aims to be an example of how to transition into a carbon-neutral future. It could truly become a sustainable alternative to Safemoon, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and so on. Their goal is to use the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies to the planet´s advantage. Treenetics is the perfect example that modern technology and cryptocurrencies must not harm the environment!

For more details on Treenetics, you can visit their website.

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