What Is a CFO and How Can They Add Value to Your Business?

You likely have a rough idea of what is a CFO. A Chief Financial Officer focuses on helping your company with its financial growth.

A business owner usually hires a CFO after the company has made its initial profits. Once the company reaches this stage, a business owner often finds it challenging to move to the next step.

How does the company increase its profit margin? Can the company scale its projects? 

These are the questions that a CFO can answer. They are a crucial aspect to any fledgling startup that wants to expand its reach.

Here are the many benefits of a chief financial officer:

Handling Risks

Financial decisions require taking risks and once the company meets its initial success, it tends to become more risk-averse. But without taking risks, it can never take on new initiatives. 

One of the best reasons to hire a CFO is to gain advice on how to assess risk.

For example, should your company invest $X to produce a amount of units? Or is it wiser to hold off from production for now?

Overseeing the Accounts

The CFO will also oversee the accounts and supervise the department. They’ll make sure the cash flow and expenses are always recorded. They’ll spend each month analyzing the accounts.

With this analysis, they’ll make future financial decisions. For example, they might notice that cash flow is stagnating.

They’ll suggest how to increase the rate of cash flow based on their analysis. They might suggest how to reduce your expenses if they feel it’s an issue.

They’ll also assess your company’s financial health. This determines how prepared your company is for an emergency.

For example, what would happen if your expenses increase by 10%? Or does your company have the funds to hire 10 new staff members? These are all situations that your CFO can address.

Communicating with Key Persons

Your CFO will communicate with key persons that help your company. This can range from your customers to investors to financial institutions.

For example, your CFO can conduct research on what are the best banking options for your company. They can research which banks offer the best customer service, perks, and interest options. 

CFO’s can speak to your vendors about possible discounts for your supply. They can convince investors and venture capitalists to provide funds to the company & devise strategies to get more customers.

CFO’s are able to negotiate on behalf of your company better than any other key personnel. They’ll make sure your company always has opportunities to grow its business and its capital.

As a startup, you can look into virtual CFO services to handle these challenges for you.

Now You Know What Is a CFO

Now you know what is a CFO, you can assess if your company is ready for these services.

As you can see, there are many Chief Financial Officer benefits that can take your startup to the next level.

You’ll have an easier time cutting costs and raising revenue. You’ll have fewer challenges with acquiring capital from investors and customers alike. A CFO will be an invaluable asset to your company.

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