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Corona Virus Company & Employee Management Kit

We have created a professional PPT template for companies to manage their company and employees due to the coronavirus.

You can use this worksheet to protect your team and address the changes you will make to the business structure.

Included in the PPT worksheet:

1. Message from the CEO
2. Business Continuity Plans
3. Work Preventions
4. Outside of Work Preventions
5. Team Dashboard
6. Team Snapshot
7. Team Status
8. Employee Health Status
9. Employees & Backups
10. Financial Status/ Impact
11. Employee Benefits – Sick Days
12. Time Off Request Policy
13. Key Contacts
14. Internal Reporting
15. Remote work Arrangements
16. Change of Workflow
17. Projected Phases
18. Timeline
19. How we can help
20. Resources
21. Contact Us
22. Stay Healthy

Business Plan Workbook

The Business Plan is a step-by-step workbook for preparing and writing an effective business plan for any industry.

This “must-have” document is a complete guide and set of common-sense exercises for preparing and writing an effective plan to stay focused and prepared for any type of outcome. You will never need any other business plan workbook after this.

You will be able to write and create your own professional plan.

Save yourself the hassle and begin writing the story of how you want your business to run.

Digital Marketing Plan 

Get a new and improved digital marketing plan. This is your template to update and use as a digital strategy for ongoing business activity rather than a one-off campaign. It’s useful for presenting to senior executives and general management. It’s also a great tool for articulating a digital strategy for internal use or briefing a digital agency.

Digital marketing should be your #1 priority to get your business started. Planning is very important before you start and this template will allow you to create a strategy.

Digital Marketing Planning Spreadsheet

The marketing planning spreadsheet model is designed to help you develop a budget model for campaigns or annual planning. It enables you to perform a “what-if” analysis for varying investments in digital media to see the impact on leads, sales, and return on investment.

The spreadsheet will allow you to analyze the impact the marketing campaign had on sales and ROI. It is essential to keep track of each campaign so you can learn how much impact it is having on your business.

Tactical Marketing Planning Spreadsheet

Marketing a product properly is essential to the success of any business. But, marketing doesn’t just happen, it has to be planned and carried out.

Your strategic business plan is the catalyst that drives you toward action. Whereas a tactical marketing plan will allow you to break down the steps that you will take towards achieving your business goals.

Each carefully planned action will have a space on the tactical marketing plan to state the goal, identify how that goal will be reached, determine a working time frame for completion of the task, and how much it will cost to execute the plan.

Marketing Campaign Budget ROI

The marketing Campaign Budget worksheet will allow you to keep track of the expenses your company made for a marketing campaign. You can also calculate the campaigns Return on investment (ROI) and return on assets (ROA)

What’s Included:

1. Marketing budget breakdown
2. campaign budget and ROI
3. ROI Calculator
4. ROA calculator

Social Media Content Calendar

Managing social media marketing can be challenging. Unfortunately, too many businesses approach social media without a structured plan. They’ll wait until a holiday rolls around to create quick posts to celebrate. Instead of planning cohesive campaigns, they’ll just slap random images and links together and call it good. Then, they’ll wonder why nothing is performing the way they expected.

Planning an entire year in advance might sound excessive. It isn’t. Certainly, you aren’t going to plan every single piece of social media content you’ll produce right away. However, you can plan out your campaigns and seasonal messaging ahead of time. This will help you create content strategically and with a purpose by thinking things through in advance instead of just winging it as you go along.

This template helps you to create a structured plan so everybody knows when what should be published where.

Google Adwords Campaign Setup Worksheet

Google Adwords campaign worksheet will effectively help you answer online campaign-related questions, and streamline the process of making AdWords campaigns.

Organize Google AdWords campaigns within your Marketing cycle.

Easily record all ad variations, keywords, and destination URLs

Manage all Google AdWords campaigns in one central location offline.

By using this worksheet you are able to easily start doing search engine optimizing projects for websites, pages, blogs, posts, landing pages, etc. This worksheet will help you to enable business in an effective way.

Marketing Reporting Worksheet

Don’t create your monthly Marketing report from scratch. This worksheet is a good example of how to set up a monthly marketing report to present to your management to get a clear view of your department’s results. This worksheet contains all the metrics to answer questions like:

How much traffic are you driving to your website?
How many customers did your marketing efforts generate?
This worksheet should make monthly reporting much faster, so you and your team can focus on driving results.

Studies show that C-level management is increasing their demand for marketing measurement and reporting, and yet, half of the marketers don’t feel prepared to provide hard metrics to their executives. Marketers need to be able to clearly communicate their impact on bottom-line metrics in order to get the budget approved, advance in their positions. and simply get recognized for a job well done. Improving marketing reporting is the key to making this happen.

To help you compile these metrics. we’ve created a monthly marketing reporting template, complete with an Excel reporting spreadsheet and an accompanying PowerPoint deck. The components of this template will help you measure the key metrics that your team impacts, and communicate those metrics back to your team, director, CEO, and boss.

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