Safwan Khan

Safwan is the founder of Startupily. He has a masters degree in International Marketing with over 10 years of marketing experience. 

Startupily is a platform for entrepreneurs seeking useful articles, resources & life advice to start and grow their business. 

As a business owner, we understand how difficult it can be to find resources, business documents, & books that will help you succeed. For these reasons, we compiled all the important tools to use under one platform. 

Safwan also writes about his knowledge and experiences on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, personal development & leadership on four of the largest media outlets like Influencive, Thrive Global , Besomebody & Bizztor

Safwan consults with small business owners on their marketing strategy. He provides one on one coaching on how to create a marketing strategy, social media platforms to use based on the business you are in, guides you on how to effectively increase brand awareness and promote your business. He also has access to over 100 media platforms where he can get your business promoted on. Contact him to discuss in more detail. 


Things I Like:





Working Out

Spend quality time with family & friends

Meeting new people


If you want to play chess, you can email me at safwan [at]