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Digital Marketing Trends for Startup Success in 2019

In today’s fast-paced world of evolving technology, the competition is fierce. That’s even more true for startups. Great product or idea doesn’t necessarily sell itself, especially when no one’s ever heard of your brand.

In a time of reviews & product unboxing videos, establishing trust isn’t something a business can afford to take lightly.

A highly customizable, multi-channel digital marketing trends strategy can give your brand the boost it needs with the following perks:

Digital Marketing Trends

  • The opportunity to tap into enormous markets. It’s no secret that Google and Facebook have captured an enormous share of the online user market. These platforms give you access to a broad range of consumers without being limited by opening hours or even region.
  • The ability to size up and learn from your competition through social listening. By paying attention to the happenings and workings of other brands within your niche, identifying competitors is simple and kicking off strategy planning is easy since you’ve got their campaign successes and fails to go off of.
  • Clear insights into the identity of the audience you should be targeting. Tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights give you important intel on who your potential audience is. You can gather demographic data, information on what interests and products they pursue. Small Biz trends, states 42% of startups fail because there’s no market for their product or service.
  • A playing field conducive to partnerships with individuals and other businesses to fast-track growth. If you’re a startup founder, you know the value of good connections. Digital marketing is very much a cooperative space where strategies like social media account takeovers, advertising through influencers, and guest blogging, are not only effective, they help you develop important business relationships that fast-track your brand’s success.
  • The know-how to avoid or pivot from otherwise costly mistakes. Cash flow is one of the biggest limits to startup growth and success. Time is the other. With analytics, startups have the power of knowledge with immediacy which methods are effective and which aren’t so you can take responsive action and streamline strategies for minimal loss and maximum gains.


Despite the many advantages that digital marketing offers, the sheer variety of tools available, constantly changing landscape, can make creating a tailor-fitted, budget-friendly plan of approach extremely difficult.

With time and financial constraints, endless testing is just not something that can be done all the time. Sure, there’s always full-on, in-depth research, but you risk another bottleneck when two key aspects to startup success are momentum and timing. To help you gain insight and adapt quickly, we’ve gone ahead gathered data on the most recent and upcoming trends within various digital marketing channels in this infographic from SERPwatch.

7 Trends You Must Know For a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

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