Effective Marketing Tactics that will boost your startup blog

Effective Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Your Startup Blog


Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Your Startup Blog


Running a blog is more than just showcasing your creative spirit and engaging voice. While those are some of the most important aspects, you should think like a marketing expert. What are the key marketing tactics that will separate your blog from the rest, reach the audience and give it relevance and gravitas on the global market?

Read on, and find out which tactics you should implement today to get the most out of your blog!


Master SEO Skills


Whether you choose to perfect your SEO skills or outsource this service to an SEO agency,  it’s completely up to you. The success of a blog lies in its recognition, and this is achieved by having it appear amongst top search results.

In order for the search engine to look favorably on you, you should implement some key changes into your every blog post.

First, implement specific and relevant keywords. Keywords are the driving force behind your blog’s recognition; they make it easier for people to find you and for a search engine to like you more. One of the mistakes that could irreparably damage your blog’s standing is believing that you should put as many keywords into your content as possible, in order to cover all possible aspects of the sales funnel. Nothing could be further from the truth, as keyword stuffing is a major no-no in the eyes of the algorithm, and will actually have your site downgraded back to the bottom of the search page.

Research keywords and implement well-crafted long-tail ones in order to pinpoint your target audience and make it easier for them to find your site.

Less is more in the SEO world, so make sure to use keywords that sum up your post.


Devote Attention to User Experience


Treat your readers with the respect they deserve and they will reciprocate. Make sure to follow activity on your posts and respond to comments, provide additional material for readers and give friendly but professional answers to any question they might have.

This will boost your relevance in the eyes of the public and people will be thrilled that there is a face and a soul behind the website.

By evoking emotion in your audience, you will boost traffic and turn visitors into customers.


Optimize for Speed & Mobile Devices


People’s attention spans are becoming shorter. Anything longer than 2 seconds is considered disastrous for traffic. Visitors will hit the back button and go to a faster website – probably your competitor. In order to obtain a competitive advantage, you have to optimize your website for top speed.

Try managing your media, like videos and photos by cropping them, and optimizing quality to make the site load faster, and deal with other optimization options.

Additionally, new generations spend more time on mobile phones, with media like television having to struggle to keep up. Everything has to be portable and deliver results, and that’s exactly what the modern consumer expects from your website.

Optimize your site for transparency, simplicity, and quality on every mobile device and you will generate more traffic.


Pay Attention to Content 


Content creation is not only the voice of your brand but also the means of attracting new readers and keeping the old ones coming back. Constantly creating content is key to blog recognition and success.

Make sure to build a well-oiled machine of regular content creation. This scores points to the search engine, and also with visitors who will see the website is active and up to date.

Deliver relevant content to your audience by optimizing it SEO-wise, guest posting authority pieces, adding ALT-tags to your photos along with their accompanying SEO friendly descriptions, and also taking advantage of the content plugins and optimizations that WordPress provides for you.


Social Media Boosts Traffic


Everyone and their aunts are on social media these days, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. With such a wide audience, it would be ludicrous to miss out on grabbing a piece of that pie.

Make sure to advertise your content on every platform. Be it paid advertising or posting content and sharing it with your audience. Try to entice as many people as you can to like and share your content with others.

You would be amazed what you can get if you simply asked. Simply ask people to share your posts and you will boost your chances of it actually happening.


Affiliate Marketing for Additional Revenue


There are more ways to acquire additional revenue from your website than just PPC.

The most effective and low-risk method is participating in an affiliate marketing program. It will allow you to promote other products through your content for a commission. 

This is a great way to boost sales and drive traffic to your website. Make sure to contact those companies you trust and believe to be relevant to the content you create.

Partner up, and enjoy the mutual success!


About the Author


Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog.


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