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Growing your Social Media Channels

8 Ways to Grow Your Followers on Social Media Channels

Your social media marketing strategy really depends on how you utilize it and how good you are at communicating with your followers and customers.

If you set up profiles on all networks and don’t work to build upon it and increase your followers then you can’t expect much traffic back to your website or find customers for your business.

Here are the 8 ways to grow your following on Social Media Channels:

Follow People Who Belong to Your Target Audience

When you first start out creating your social media channels make sure you follow people who are in the same business as you.

When you follow someone the majority of them will follow you back and their followers will notice that they followed you and will also follow you.

For example, if your business is about pets then you should follow pet businesses and individuals who love pets, and other blogs/websites that focus on pets and animals.

There are also tools like TweetAdder and Social Buzz Club that help you find people to follow based on keywords you enter and search criteria can automate some of the processes of following people, which in turn will bump up your follower numbers.

If you need help when starting your Twitter account I will follow and tweet you back.

Share Other Peoples Content

This works on all social media channels. When you share other people’s content they are likely to pay attention to you. Most of them will reciprocate when you publish content on your own networks.

It’s always best to share content from small businesses compared to big businesses. Small startups are just starting out like yourself and are more generous in promoting information.

Keep Your Updates Consistent

The more frequent you are in updating your social channels the more people will see your content and engage with you.

You never know what kind of information, tips, videos you share may catch their eye.

This is imperative in building new followers and gaining interest from other people.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, useless or boring posts and updates will make people ignore you.

Build Your Facebook Profile

Facebook’s tricky in that you can add friends through your personal profile, but not to your business page.

So utilize your profile as a funnel to get people to like and market your page.

Join groups on Facebook, like other pages that are relevant to your business, interact on those pages with other people to gain exposure to your business.

We would love to connect with you on our facebook page and promote your content as well.

Include Social Icons on Your Website

When you create a website the most important thing you need to do is add social media icons.

If people like your post, picture, or video on your website they will not think twice but will instantly share it on their social media channels to show their friends, family, and followers.

This will help you grow your followers and get more viewers to your website.

The Social icon I use for my blog is SumoMe. This is by far the best plugin for sharing content on your social media pages. You can easily install it at SumoMe.

Include Your Social Media Channels In Your Email Signature

Email is also one of the most important forms of interacting with people.

Make sure to include your social media pages and website link at the bottom of your email signature.

This can also expand your followers and viewership.

Join Linkedin Groups

Linkedin is the best platform to use for business. Add your business name and details on your profile page and add people on LinkedIn as well.

Join groups that are relevant to your business as many people connect on it and provide insight to all businesses.

This way you can learn new skills from others and also promote yourself.

Build Relationships with Influencers

Building relationships with industry influencers is an excellent way to expand your brand awareness, reach, and viewership.

Once you follow and develop a relationship with these influencers they will start helping you achieve your goals. Social media is all about being social so don’t be afraid to reach out and interact with people you don’t know.

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  1. I love SumoMe! They have done a good job on creating tools to enhance web presence for the designer and user. Surprisingly, this year Facebook groups have taken me away from LinkedIn. Closed FB groups have proven to be more valuable than any of my previous LI groups. The good thing is I still obtain a good deal of traffic on my LI profile as well as opportunities.

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