Proxi, The Creator-Centric Mapping Tool

Proxi is a woman-founded geospatial software that powers the future of personalized navigation. The Seattle-based company has raised $1.2M, led by Graham and Walker. To help grow their footprint in the Puget Sound region and in Austin, and to build out a consumer application where users can save and layer Proxi maps.

Collaborative Holiday Map

Inspired by the challenge of creating a collaborative holiday map. Proxi founders Melinda Haughey and Chelsey Roney set out to bring the power of geospatial visualization to everyone. Powered by one former intelligence analyst and social media researcher (Melinda) and a proven founder and marketing expert (Chelsey), it has a strong team building a delightful product that is growing quickly.

Today, Proxi is a no-code software that makes mapping easy and accessible to everyday people. Local experts and influencers can use Proxi to create, customize and embed highly interactive maps into their social media accounts, websites, and apps. This makes content that is traditionally presented as listicles more usable and actionable. As more creators publish maps, their fans ask for an easier way to save and share these maps. The founders’ bigger vision builds toward that future; creators’ maps power a more personal, spatial way to move through the world. 

Proxi’s traction has been undeniable. The number of maps created on Proxi has doubled every month since the initial product launched last summer. The founders have worked with incredible creators like Traveling While Black in Seattle, local event coordinators, news organizations, and foodie bloggers.

Pre-Seed Investment

Proxi has more than doubled its goal for a pre-seed raise and has closed $1.2M to help fuel its next set of growth goals. The round was led by Graham & Walker with participation from Techstars, Madrona Pioneer Fund, Pack VC, Tacoma Venture Fund, and Keeler Investment Group. Proxi is also honored to have a number of revered tech leaders join their ranks as angels, including Sarah Imbach, Ellen Levy, David Grampa, and Bill Bryant.

Says co-founder Melinda Haughey, “We are excited about partnering with each of these organizations and individuals to grow Proxi to be the go-to application for everyone to visualize, share, find and use local knowledge..” 

In the near future, Proxi will increase its presence in the Seattle and Austin metropolitan areas. As Proxi grows, creators, too, will benefit as the tool adds monetization opportunities to amplify their brands.

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