Auctify Launches Worlds First Productivity Boosting Smart Glasses

Crowdfunding campaign launched for Auctify Specs. It uses computer vision, machine learning technology, and positive psychology to help users improve focus

Toronto, ON  September 1, 2020 — Auctify specs, creator of the world’s first productivity-boosting smart glasses, today announced the launch of its flagship product. The anti-procrastination smart glasses are designed to replace users’ existing glasses frames. This revolutionary computer vision technology will improve motivation and increase productivity. To reserve your specs, visit the company’s Indiegogo campaign here.

The Specs leverage cutting-edge biosensors, patent-pending computer vision software, and machine learning technology to gather data in real-time as users work. The frames track user activities and provide personalized insights to prevent procrastination and maximize efficiency. This allows users to focus on what matters most.

Reserve On Indiegogo

Available to reserve today on Indiegogo. Auctify Specs allow users to unlock their full working potential to avoid all-nighters and last-minute submissions. Users can improve their mental fortitude and integrate best practices in positive psychology for enhanced focus, with benefits such as:

Improved Self Awareness: Track your focus and productivity in a convenient mobile and desktop app.

Mindfulness Training: Reevaluate unproductive activities with regular awareness training sessions.

Mental Conditioning: Learn to avoid distractions with real-time LED and auditory cues.

Positive Reinforcement: Access rewards for setting and exceeding personal goals.

It drives user ability to hone in on important tasks, with proven tools such as personalized notifications and custom insights to keep users on track, and in-app gamification features boost motivation while advancing individualized productivity goals.

“After countless hours of research and testing, we’re immensely pleased to bring this innovative product to market with our inaugural crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo,” says Arthur Nguyen-Cao, Chairman and CEO of Auctify. “We’ve leveraged the most advanced technology in artificial intelligence and ML to deliver the lightest, sleekest smart glasses possible. Our compact hardware paired with ML software design will improve the quality of work — and life — for the modern professional.”

Additional features allow users to take calls, listen to music, and track exercise. Making the specs the ideal companion for smartphone-based virtual assistant programs. The frames are easy and safe to use, with robust in-app encryption settings to protect users’ data privacy.

The company’s crowdfunding campaign is live now on Indiegogo. Users can reserve their specs today for only one dollar. Locking in a massive discount on the product’s sale price and amplifying the ability to reach new sponsors.

About Auctify

Specs by Auctify are the world’s first smart glasses that can keep users’ procrastination. By using biosensors and patent-pending computer vision software, the smart glasses track user activities and provide personalized insights, boosting productivity and focus. The company’s patent-pending machine learning algorithms provide personalized real-time activity tracking and use proven methods in positive psychology to keep the user motivated and focused. Users can customize their experience in a safe and secure mobile and desktop app. Visit Auctify Specs to learn more.

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