Blogging Wins

How Often Do You Count Blogging Wins?

Bloggers seem to have all the tools for success at their disposal. We even had access to countless successful blogging strategies. Why then do so many bloggers fail? Here is why you should count your blogging wins.

Blogging Is An Inside Game

Blogging is an inner game. How you think and feel determines how you act. How you act determines your blogging results. Most bloggers focus heavily on loss, lack, limitation and pretty much not having enough. Maintaining this focus guarantees that you never have enough. Even if you work long, hard and diligently, you never have enough if you feel lacking because you focus on lack, losses and failures.

Count Your Blogging Wins

Feel abundant, rich, successful, prospering, good about your blog. Feel good about winning. Blogging wins come in all shapes and sizes. Blogging wins come in all flavors. I count landing this guest posting opportunity as winning and helping fellow bloggers and my fellow blogger helps me. I won.

The win-win scenario here. We both win! Safwan wins. I win. But cultivating the feeling of winning makes the biggest difference because feeling abundant, rich, and successful influences you to take abundant, rich, successful actions.

Everything changes if you count blogging wins. Never put a limit on a win. Receiving 1 comment is a win. Celebrate the comment. Receiving spam comments is a win too. Bloggers who spam intend to get blog and business exposure through valuable, followed blogs. Spammers pay you compliments via each spam comment. Imagine running a blog valued and respected enough to where bloggers want free advertising through spam comments? Winning folks, winning.

Keep Counting Wins Even If Losses Seem To Build Too

Learn the skill of feeling abundant in the appearance of loss, riches, and poverty. Admittedly, this is an uncomfortable skill to develop. No one easily feels like a rich winner amid the appearance of poverty, loss, and failure. Try feeling like a millionaire when you have $30 in your bank account with creditors waking in the water like sharks, intending to take a bite. But shifting your focus moves you from blogging loser stuck in poverty to blogging winner living in abundance.

Publish a comment below guys. Win! Each published comment serves as a win because you gain exposure, credibility and a new blogging buddy, potentially, via your thoughtful comment. I commented on a few blogs during my time online. Each comment counts as a win for me. I count every comment I receive on Blogging From Paradise as a win, too.

Never take wins for granted or else you become a blogging loser. Blogging losers cannot move forward because being loss-focused ensures you lose, struggle and fail.

Examples of Blogging Wins

  • Every blog visitor
  • Every penny you make through blogging
  • Every blog comment you receive
  • Every blog comment you publish on blogs
  • Every guest post placed
  • Every guest post received
  • Every blog post published
  • Every client received
  • Every customer who buys anything you create
  • Every email you receive
  • Yes; even every spam comment-email you get is a win because spammers spam valued bloggers for a piece of your exposure, name, business and brand.

Give long, deliberate thought to wins you see as losses. Bloggers feel mired in scarcity. Seeing the world through scarcity eyes bemoans even the lack of success. Nuts! I appreciate all of my little wins to build little wins into even bigger wins. But I had to do the inner work to expand my consciousness in this fashion.

We are all winning!

Believe it!

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