Working from home

Make Working from Home Work for You and Your Employees

Many people are currently working from home, and for some, this may be a big change. Whether you are running your business from your office, or living room, it is important for high levels of quality. It can be hard to replicate the working environment outside of the workplace. Fortunately, there are many great accessories and ideas to help you do this. Here are a couple of tips and ideas to help make working from home, work for you and your employees.


Having customized work from home employee swag will keep your team motivated, focused and is a treat to receive in the mail! Make sure you choose items and accessories that will be used, such as water bottles or device chargers. These can be used all of the time, not just during working hours. Fitness and tech equipment is also a great idea to get customized with your brand or logo. These can also be used all year round and outside in public when the time comes.

There are plenty of different items you can customize that you and your employees will love and use frequently. Stationary, clothing, stress balls, etc can add a fun, personalized touch to your employee’s homes when you’re not at the office.


It is super important to schedule your day, and this includes breaks too. When working from home it is easy to forget to rest as you would in the office because you’re already home. However, breaks are very beneficial and should not be ignored. Make sure you and your team are keeping on top of yours. Whether this means watching an episode of your favorite show or doing some stretches. It is good to allow yourself and your team to take a well-earned break.

Encourage your team to keep organized and manage their time with branded stationery such as pens and journals. This will keep everyone focused and motivated and make sure tasks are completed efficiently and to a high standard. You could even use a customized alarm clock to make sure schedules are stuck too.


One of the unique challenges of working from home is the working environment that will have to be created in your own home. The office can be a very controlled environment, with fewer distractions like pets or your family. When working from home, you have to be very self-motivated and disciplined. There are many ways to create a good work environment in your own home, such as getting dressed each morning, maintaining a routine, and keeping your dedicated workspace clear. Removing distractions as much as possible, getting some fresh air, staying hydrated, and making sure you have adequate lighting will also help create a positive and productive working environment.

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