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Digital Marketing Trends You Must Follow If You Want to Stay In The Game

Digital Marketing Trends to Follow

Digital marketing is evolving fast. Every passing year, new and exciting trends are making their way into the consumer market.

This helps companies around the world better their services and operate more efficiently year-round.

The digital marketing industry will be enriched by a myriad of innovative solutions.

Improvements to existing technologies and marketing processes will change the game. This will help equip your business with the firepower to conquer the hearts and minds of your customer. 

Here are the essential digital marketing trends you need to try out this year.

Supercharged Mobile Experience

With the rise of mobile technology & fast-paced modern world, people are constantly on the move. Customers transitioned from desktops to mobile devices.

Smartphones are a means of communication that enriches the lives of billions of people.

Developers are making accelerated mobile pages (AMP) a reality, hoping to bring a fast, transparent service to every mobile user.

The new algorithm will be able to load any page almost instantaneously on any mobile device. Loading times have reduced and using eight times fewer data.

Another thing that helps loading time, site’s performance and getting more web traffic is a cloud solution. Cloud sites also ensure safety and protection.

Personal Branding

Customers love nothing more than to see a name and a face behind their favorite brand. They are more likely to empathize and connect on an emotional level to a person than a company.

It’s important to brand your products and services but to also invest in personal branding as an SEO tool of the future.

A customer should create an emotional bond with values, stories and messages behind your brand, portrayed by your own personality, or the personality of your core team that made it all possible.

Establishing a strong personal content strategy will allow you to secure authoritative guest posts, build user trust and lifelong commitment, and also drive more traffic to your website that will be converted into paying customers.

Social media outlets have already started favoring personal brands over corporative entities. You should take advantage of the rising trend as soon as possible.

Micro Influencers & Authentic Brand Ambassadors

While it is important to secure big names in social media community to advocate your brand to their followers, the main digital content strategy for growth and brand recognition is turning its efforts towards establishing a loyal follower base. 

Concentrating on “smaller”, more realistic goals, such as attaining micro influencers over time, will allow you to generate a substantial social media following based on honest opinions and genuine brand practicality.

No matter the budget and no matter the size of your company, you can implement a micro influencer strategy to achieve the same results as you would with big-time influencers.

Direct SM Messaging

One of the newest trends is the use of direct messaging by customers. This helps them contact their brands directly through social media.

No more email inquiries or public comments. People want to engage with a live person and get their questions answered immediately.

Advertisers are now able to structure their ads in such a way that their link takes the customer directly to a chat box.

They can have their questions answered promptly. Accentuating the need for companies to use a business virtual receptionist in order to handle the increased traffic volume professionally.

Mobile Optimization for Email Campaigns

People are constantly in touch with the digital world via their smartphones. Mobile users are opening and navigating their email correspondences through dedicated smartphone apps.

The desktop has been overthrown by smartphones. You should be at the forefront of the email optimization game.

If your email is not optimized for mobile devices and fails to display its contents coherently, chances are that a customer is going to delete it immediately. This will skip your special offers, promotions or gifts.

Instead of building a loyal customer base, you will be losing them to a faulty algorithm so make sure you devote your attention to mobile email marketing optimization as well.

Digital marketing is evolving at the speed of light. New trends will make their way into the business arena at the beginning of next year.

You can significantly increase your marketing reach and ensure long-term success by following these digital marketing trends.

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