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Simple Ways to Increase Brand Awareness


Simple Ways to Increase Brand Awareness


Home Depot is the first place we go when we want to buy tools and materials for our home improvement projects. Coke is our drink of choice in hot summer afternoons. Although we can find healthier sodas and home improvement stores with lower prices and better selection, we don’t have enough free time to try every soda or inspect prices and selection of every home improvement store in our area. In addition to this, most people develop a special kind of loyalty towards their favorite brands and they would rather betray their country, friends, and family, than settle with a nameless product.

Companies need to invest both time and money in building their brand because popular brands provide great revenue. In this article, we listed several simple ways you can use for increasing the brand awareness of your business.


Promotional Merchandise


Consumers love free stuff and that’s why promotional products and free samples are still relevant in the era of digital marketing. Good promotional products need to be durable and useful to the consumers you’re targeting. You can buy them wholesale, directly from the printers, who will print or engrave your company logo on them. Today, there’s a very wide selection of promotional products.

If you don’t know what to choose, try taking a common set of products most people use such as custom USBs, t-shirt, pen or a notebook. Some of the biggest corporate names like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s invest huge funds in promotional merchandise. When you combine that type of branding with your unique domain name, people will more likely remember it.




Bring a Friend and get something for Free


We are still inspecting the power of free. Word-to-mouth marketing is one of the most effective types of promotion. But how can you motivate people to make referrals? The best way to do it is by offering them something in return. People who regularly buy your products will be delighted if you offer them a discount or a complimentary product or service for referring you to their friends.

Remember they already think that your products are great, which means that they won’t have problems sharing their thoughts with their friends. One of the best examples of this brand awareness strategy is DropBox. They give you more free cloud space if you motivate your friends to sign up.


Collect the most likes and get something for Free


Organizing social media contests is a great way to attract new leads. There are two major types of social media contests. First one requires leads to react quickly in order to get the prize. For example, you can post a photo and ask your audience where the photo was taken. The first person who guesses the photo location should get the prize.

The other type of social media contest requires little bit more organization, but it is far more effective when it comes to acquiring new leads. You should ask your followers to send you their photos and videos. Then tell them that the contestant whose photo gets the most likes will receive the prize. This way, the contestants will contact their friends and ask them to like the photo. When you think about it, this marketing tactic is not much different from boosting Facebook posts. On top that, it’s free of charge and it uses your followers as your brand advocates.


Audio Podcasts


In this day and age, people only listen to the radio because of the music. Old style radio shows went to obscurity, but there’s a very effective way to use this media for increasing your brand awareness. Podcasts are very popular these days. They represent a series of audio recordings or videos, but most people use the audio form. Podcasts are not too different from the daily or weekly radio shows we all knew and loved.

Tech and marketing companies often interview industry experts and influencers and post their interviews in the form of a podcast. This media form is not only used in marketing and tech. For example one of the most popular podcasts online is the one created by the stand-up comedian Bill Burr, where he rants about contemporary issues and solves listeners’ problems.


Freebies for Influencers


Influencer marketing targets specific individuals who have large social network following. Unlike ordinary strategies, this form of marketing often relies on influencers’ good will, but it’s also much cheaper than signing sponsor contracts.

Influencers often receive free samples and promotional products from companies and they promote companies offer through their social media accounts in return. The best influencers are those who already use your product or service. Uber mastered this tactic. They often provide free rides to well-connected users, so they can capitalize on their popularity.

Brands are often the most valuable company asset. When in 2008, Tata Motors had acquired Jaguar Land Rover Limited from Ford Motors, they’ve paid $2,3 billion. More than a half of this money was the cost of Jaguar Land Rover successful brands, which include Range Rover, one of the most famous luxury SUV brands. From this acquisition, we can see that brands often overgrow their companies. Successful brands can be sold separately from other company assets and they can bring huge profits to their owners.


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