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Build Your Brand in No Time


5 Great Ways to Build Your Brand in a Short Period of Time


Your brand name is extremely important as it embodies everything you do and stands for as a business entity. Elements like your business name, tagline, content you post and the colors you use have a huge impact on your brand.

Building a brand image takes a huge amount of investment, marketing and time. In order to be successful in building a brand, your customer should easily identify what you stand for. For example; if you are driving on the highway and you see a big ‘M’ sign you can easily identify that it is “McDonalds”.

We will look closer into this and identify some great ways that can help build your brand.


Align Your Visuals


The visual elements of your brand are extremely powerful in reinforcing what you are trying to achieve. Customers can recall your business name as soon as they see your logo or your brand colors.

You should include your business logo on your website, social media pages, email signatures and even presentations you make. All the mediums you use should reflect the same color and theme of your business. This is the only way to get your customer to recognize you as a business.


Always Acknowledge your Followers and Fans


Customers will only want to do business with you if are you accessible and are friendly towards them. A good way to have a positive image is by responding to questions, comments, and reviews in a friendly manner. Go out of your way to help and resolve their issue. This can have a great impact on your brand long term strategy in growing.


Always listen to Social Trends


There are a few great tools you can use like HootSuite and TweetDeck that will help you to follow brand mentions and hashtags. You can follow what is being said about your brand and can help you deal with any problems being discussed publically about your business. It is a great way to monitor conversation, learn from your customers and provide them the service they are looking for.


Create Brand Building Content


We live in a world where a vast amount of information is shared daily with friends and family. When we fail to share these posts, we miss on key opportunities to distribute that information in a highly leveraging way.

When you share content from friends or even a competitor, they see your support and are more likely to do the same for you as well. This could help build a positive image towards your brand.


Elevator Pitch


Your Elevator pitch is a key component in conducting business. It is the short bio you use on your website. It’s the pitch you use when meeting a client or speaking to someone at a networking event. It portrays what your business is all about and the effectiveness of your pitch will determine your success.

A short pitch that describes your business concisely can be used anywhere to open doors, attract customers and drive positive brand recognition.


Building and developing your brand image is an essential component of a thriving and successful business. The small amount of work you put in and invest daily can be the important key for your business to grow fast.