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How To Maintain Positive Business Relationships

In the world of business, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to working with employees, clients, and the public perception of your company. Most companies have a marketing department that will be involved with the messaging that has to do with company-related things. Here are some tips to help you maintain positive business relationships.

Be Authentic

Being who you are is important as most people can quickly sense fake behavior. This means that you should be consistent in your tone of voice and messaging across your personal and business communication. Authenticity goes a long way in people accepting apologies, or pitches for new services. A good example of this is the blog spot postings for Carlton James Guyana, where you can see that his role was to communicate to the public the dealings of one of the largest banks in Africa. 

Mutual Respect

People work hard to get where they are at. Making sure to treat people with respect will allow you to have a deeper and long-lived relationship with that person. Recognizing and congratulating people is a good way to show your respect for the time and effort they have put into their careers. This will also allow them to respect you for doing the research. They will most likely be more receptive to communication and future endeavors. 

Be Vulnerable

People have feelings, and nobody is perfect. Sharing stories of when you were down and out, or made a mistake but then corrected it can help you to seem much more human to your audience and your relationships. Empathy and understanding are powerful tools that can be used to maintain positive relationships. People naturally want to be around and associate with people who understand where they themselves have come from.

Make Your Relationship Meaningful

Often people go into business relationships being very selfish. Instead of focusing on what’s in it for you, instead, focus on what’s in it for them. You’ll find that if a person feels like you are trying to help them. They will be much more willing to do something to help you in return. This can equate to getting more referrals, or joint sponsorships from the people you maintain business relationships. The golden rule really does apply here, which is to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. 

As you can see business communications to employees, peers, and the public require some delicacy. By being true to yourself, authentic, vulnerable, and meaningful, you can help to improve and keep the business relationships that you make. By treating others the way that you want to be treated yourself, you can grow your network even bigger as those you communicate with will find the value and meaning behind keeping up a relationship with you. This in turn can help you to grow your own business, and provide opportunities to you that may otherwise have been unavailable had you not had these types of meaningful relationships. 

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