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Top 5 Promotional Clothing Items to Drive Brand Recognition

Distributing promotional clothing is one of the surest ways to attract your consumer’s attention, gain their trust and brand recognition. It allows you to show what you have to offer in terms of quality and design. Promotional clothing also gives you a great scope for circulating your brand name and logo.

Every time a satisfied customer puts on a logoed t-shirt or hoodie, they will be displaying it to several others, attracting instant attention to your brand name.

Here are some promotional clothing items that will help create brand recognition. Click to know more here.


T-Shirts are worn by almost everyone, no matter what the style is. V-neck, round neck, short or long sleeves- they come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them in innovative ways to build brand recognition. While the front of the T-shirt can have creative design elements, edgy prints, and funky captions, the rear side can have your brand name and logo, along with your company motto.

Gym Wear

Using gym wear to promote your brand is a great business idea. It is one of the best clothing items that lends itself to displaying promotional content. Gym gear like leggings, wrist bands, headgear, vests, shorts, training pants, and jog pants are perfect for displaying your brand logo. Since these clothing items have a minimal design, your brand logo stands in sharp contrast to the background color.


Hoodies are highly functional clothing items, which is why people of all age groups so widely wear them. You can use hoodies in primary colors like white, grey, black, and browns as they are the most popular choice in colors and can be worn over any regular item of clothing.

The brand logo can appear on the chest with the brand name at the back. You can also customize them with additional details like captions and quotes to make them stand out from the crowd.


Jackets are slightly more expensive when it comes to promotional clothing, but they are worth every cent. A high-quality and well-designed coat will significantly impact your consumers because if they see your brand going to great lengths with a promotional gift, they will want to check out what you have to offer in terms of products and services. You can choose from biker jackets, fleece jackets, hooded jackets, quilted jackets, padded jackets, and more.


Reflective clothing is used chiefly as protective equipment, and they are great for locating a person in the dark. They reflect light, and others become aware of your presence.

Reflective clothing is essential when one works in the construction industry, has to handle heavy equipment, or works with traffic at night. They are great promotional items because the concerned users have to wear them almost all the time at their place of work, creating ample advertising opportunities.

These and several other promotional clothing items can help you take your brand to the next level by creating brand awareness among the masses. They are affordable and accessible at the same time.

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