Introduce Yourself and tell us about ModiHost?

I’m Stephan, and I’m the founder and CEO of ModiHost. Having gained a Master’s Degree in Architecture and several postgraduate qualifications, I have also amassed over 30 years of experience in this field.

ModiHost is a new platform for hotels that uses artificial intelligence to provide a better hotel management system centered around personalizing the guest experience. In turn, we aim to drive increased spending and brand loyalty. We feel like we’ve cracked the code lacking for many hotels – a solution with which to remember guest preferences and anticipate their needs, one most hotels wouldn’t be able to employ independently.

ModiHost’s cloud-based hotel management solution (HMS) integrates cognitive computing and native voice recognition to deliver advanced services to hotels and their guests. While most HMS products are subscription-based, the ModiHost platform will operate on a flexible pay-per-access model meaning that hotels only ever pay for services rendered. Using Big Data analysis, ModiHost will provide insights that can be used to boost efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Using blockchain integration, the ModiHost platform will allow for all revenue streams to be monitored and billed in real-time while creating a tradable marketplace for anonymized hotel data. The AIM token built on EOS will be used to provide payment for services acquired through the ModiHost HMS while incentivizing token pool operators to lend tokens to hotels. Businesses will be able to earn discounted ModiHost fees by using the platform while staking AIM tokens. Through a token generation event, ModiHost will create a distributed community of pool operators, who will provide work on the network, enabling the efficient provision of tokens to cover operational fees.

Funds from token sales will be used to perfect the ModiHost HMS, to create an advanced AI that can maximize hotel revenue, boost occupancy rates and increase guest satisfaction. It will drive greater efficiencies for hospitality providers, ranging from small motels and boutique hotels to larger chains. This will enable them to compete with the leading hotel giants as well as sharing economy services such as Airbnb. The archaic hotel management system has long needed an overhaul. ModiHost’s HMS will bring the industry into the 21st century through an intelligent solution that benefits all participants. Anyone can participate in the pool lending system by purchasing AIM tokens. The tokens are forecast to increase, an outcome that would be hugely beneficial to investors who have purchased them.

What problem is ModiHost solving?

ModiHost’s goal lies in creating an advanced AI that can maximize hotel revenue, boost occupancy rates and increase guest satisfaction. It will drive greater efficiency for hospitality providers, ranging from small motels and boutique hotels to larger chains. This will enable us to compete with the leading hotel giants as well as sharing economy services, such as Airbnb. ModiHost is acutely aware of the problems facing the industry and the need for a comprehensive solution that removes pain points. As such, has devoted significant resources to developing a next-generation HMS capable of transforming the hotel trade. Our solution is to combine AI with automated smart contracts to create a transparent and highly efficient guest management system. Machine learning will drive accurate guest targeting, significantly increasing sales and RevPAR.

What sacrifices have you made to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is one of the toughest challenges anyone can undertake. Anything worthwhile usually requires great sacrifice, and entrepreneurship is definitely one of those things. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I wasn’t aware of the sacrifices I would soon have to make. However, it has all been well worth it because I have found my purpose in life as a result.

If you like leading a comfortable life, entrepreneurship is going to be tough. Being an entrepreneur is like jumping onto a never-ending rollercoaster that provides surprises around every corner. You must be willing to put yourself into uncomfortable situations to come out with extraordinary solutions. As an entrepreneur, you will have to do a little bit of everything because you know exactly how you want things to pan out.

What is your marketing strategy?

Our strategy is to raise awareness of the project within the crypto community. Since the beginning of the year, crypto has come back into the mainstream, with Bitcoin, particularly the main talking point. Our focus is on generating awareness around specific communities that we believe would be most interested in the token, instead of reaching out to the wider, perhaps less mature, crypto audience – one currently oversaturated with crypto headlines. For now, we are focusing our efforts on the EOS community. ModiHost is a great EOS project, and we believe it really resonates with that audience. Once we feel we’ve established ourselves within that community, we will start to look at the wider audience.

Tell us your biggest challenges and how you overcame them?

To be honest, I haven’t overcome any huge obstacles yet in my life. I am lucky enough to be healthy and to somehow thrive in most things I do. I know that obstacles will come later, both in my personal and professional life, and I hope to be ready to face them. My goals and ambitions drive me forward and help me overcome any obstacles I may come across on my way. I know that things can change from one day to the next, and I believe I’m ready for such a turnaround should I face one.

What is your long term strategy to grow ModiHost?

Continuous innovation to keep up with change. Change is the only constant in a successful business – a means through which to keep up with new competitors and new customer demands.

Building and nurturing a team culture of trust and leadership.

What is your best advice for new entrepreneurs?

Trying to look into the future and design for it is always a considerable challenge with any new product. You never know when something will be developed that will impact your product, so you have to have rock-solid team members who can anticipate, react and build on anything that comes up. This means they must have created an adaptable, expandable system in the first place.

Share your favourite quote with us?

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” — Thomas Jefferson

Contact Details:

Connect on social media: Linkedin | Youtube | Medium | Twitter

London: +442038850758

Singapore: +6531585426

UK (Toll-Free): 08000488968

USA (Toll-Free): 18005850698

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