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35 Ways to Gain Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

When it comes to SEO there are two variations of it – On Site and Off-Site SEO.

Off-site SEO contains backlinks and social signals. If you are looking to boost your SERP’s ranking then you need to work on getting quality links from authority websites.

Search engine traffic is extremely important and getting quality backlinks to your website is one of the best ways to improve views and boost your rankings.

Great Strategies to Gain Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

1. Submit a guest post to other blogs that have high rankings.

2. Link your blog and other social media pages in your forum signature.

3. Participating in discussion boards and forums and linking your blog to threads is a good way. Quora is a good discussion board to consider.

4. Submit your blog to high-quality and top niche directories.

5. Network with other bloggers who also talk about your niche business.

6. Post your blog posts on all social media networks.

7. You can post your articles and content on StumbleUpon.

8. PR is a good way to promote your blog and get backlinks. The best PR you can get is by interviewing about your business.

9. You should interview top bloggers and ask them to share the interview on their social media pages. This will increase traffic to your website. You can read about some great bloggers here.

10. Squidoo is a good website to promote your blog to gain quality backlinks.

11. Focus on high-quality posts with proper SEO, Meta tags, description, H1 H2, and keywords.

12. Try to interview other bloggers. This will help promote your blog.

13. You should submit your blog to Dmoz.

14. Other good groups to post content on: Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.

15. I have noticed that if you donate to charity sites they will add your logo and weblink to their website as a donor.

16. The best posts that get backlinks are “how-to posts” for example; how to create a website or how to make money online.

17. When writing posts the title should have a number at the beginning; for example, 7 ways to get backlinks to your website.

18. Another good way is to create Youtube videos and include a link to your blog.

19. If you can get listed on the top paid directories.

20. Create accounts on eBay and Amazon and include a link to your blog.

21. If you have a podcast then make sure you add a link to your blog. Podcasts are the best way to promote a business these days.

22. If you know someone in the media ask them to interview you about your blog

23. When you write posts do add a lot of pictures into it.

24. When starting a blog constantly add content and keep updating it. Don’t let it become a graveyard.

25. Blog about celebrities or companies that are always in the news.

26. When creating a new product or ebook constantly promote it and do a big online launch for it.

27. Create a business page on Wikipedia and add links to your blog and social media platforms.

28. Submit your blog to websites that contain .edu or .gov.

29. Write about top bloggers in your niche. They will appreciate it and promote your post.

30. You should post your blog to CSS directories.

31. Get in touch with influencers and ask for advice. Once you get to know them personally they would help promote you as well.

32. Offer your customers free products by directing them to your blog.

33. Be honest with your viewers. Honesty can take you a long way.

34. Research and find hot topics for today and quickly write a post about them. While the news is trending your post will too.

35. If someone wants you to beta test their product and asks for a review, consider doing this as they will link it back to your website which will gain quality backlinks.

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