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5 Step Process to Effective Guest Blogging

Effective Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to establish relationships with other bloggers, journalists, editors, and other publication owners so that you can contribute some of your writings on their forums. Anything you blog about will have to get approved before it is submitted by the owner of the publication.

Below are some points to consider about guest blogging. It is a very straightforward process, but you need to know what you are getting into before you begin.


You need to first do some research on blog niches you would like to write for and see how much audience and traffic they receive per day. Another important element to keep in mind is that the blog should be relevant to your industry/business. For example, if your business sells car parts you should focus on blogs that are relevant to that industry.

You can look into blogs that have a huge following for selling cars, car accessories, and other things related to cars. You could write a blog post like, “6 reasons why your car keeps breaking down”. This will get your reader’s attention as people would like to know why their car keeps breaking down and has issues.


You can make a quick search on google or bing for blogs that are related to the category you are looking for. You could try searching for “car parts blog” or “automobile parts blog” and see the top search results that come up. Go through all the ones listed and make a list of the blogs that are relevant to your business niche.


Go to the contact page section for each blog and get the blog owner’s contact details; email or phone number. If it is not present you can even search for it on google. Type “whois lookup” on the domain to view the domain registry information.


Once you get their contact details you should contact them politely and introduce yourself, explain why you are reaching out, and request the opportunity to contribute to their blog as a guest contributor.

I have written a quick sample template you can use in order to contact them.

Subject: You should blog about [insert your guest blog post topic]

[Insert their first name], as an avid reader of [insert their site name], I would love to read about [insert guest blog post topic], and I think your other readers would as well.

Your articles on [insert existing post from their website #1, insert existing post from their website #2, and insert existing post from their website #3] are great, but I think you can tie it all together by blogging on [insert guest blog post topic].

I know you are probably busy and won’t have time to write about it, so I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. 😉 How about I write it for you? Don’t worry, I’m a great blogger and have had my posts featured on [insert previous guest post URL #1] and [insert previous guest post URL #2].

Let me know if you are interested! I already know your blogging style, plus I understand what your readers love… as I am one. 😉

Look forward to hearing from you,

[Insert your name]


Once you send this email wait for a few days as people tend to be busy and take their time to reply back to emails. Hopefully, you will get some positive replies from these blog owners.

When you do get some response to start writing an excellent insightful, helpful article. Once you are done, review and double-check and send it to the publisher so they can review and approve it.

Most bloggers allow you to include a link to your website in the author bio so you could also benefit from the article. This will help promote your own work and build your brand at the same time. It’s also usually acceptable to link to your website from the body of your article if it’s contextually relevant and useful, which is ideal, as this type of link carries more weight than an author bio link.

Link building is a highly important online marketing strategy because search engines place a very high value on external links. However, you might want to consider modernizing your strategy.

Hedging your bets with a bit of traditional link building (such as through guest blogging, broken link building, and competitor link acquisition) and a focus on earning links through quality content published on your own website (essentially attracting inbound links like a magnet through the merits of its quality) can get you the best of both worlds — you’ll get the value and low risk of content-based links, along with the stability and predictability of lower-cost traditional links.

With that blend, you can stay comfortably within budget while incrementally and reliably building your authority and trust in search engines.

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