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5 PR Strategies for Entrepreneurs


Great PR Strategies for Entrepreneurs 


Public relations is a demanding and stressful field to be in, due to digital media. Ever since the rise of online platforms, it has become overwhelming to manage all of them at the same time. Constantly updating and promoting your business through each platform takes up time from your schedule.

Many small businesses neglect their PR strategy as they believe it’s time-consuming or they don’t have a budget for it. In this article, we will provide you with 5 great PR strategies for entrepreneurs.




Testimonials are great for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business. Inbound testimonials help increase brand visibility, user trust, SEO authority from external links and make your brand go viral.

You can encourage your followers to post written / video testimonials on their social platforms to get free publicity. Offer them a reward for their reviews and host a competition that will help your companies PR strategy.

In this day and age consumers are bombarded with ads daily which have reduced their trust in brands. Consumers trust other consumers so a testimonial will give your customer the satisfaction that you provide great products and services.


Make the Most of Your Press Release


Press release is a great way to build external links for SEO as they are posted on high authority news or blog sites. It will enable you to boost your brand visibility and can market new marketing campaigns that are launched.

There are several ways you can do a press release; by posting a blog article on your website, asking other bloggers in your niche to write a review or interviewing your CEO.

These are the 3 best ways to promote your business as they provide an insight into your business and your customer will feel a personal connection with your brand.


Just 10 Minutes a Day


If you are having trouble to constantly post content on your social media pages you are not alone. It is almost impossible to keep up with all the new platforms and learn how to manage them. However, instead of giving up you should set aside 10 minutes a day.

This will help to scan through the news feed, read customers comments and allow you to reply back to them. You may not be able to reply back to all customers, but it will establish your brand as one that cares enough to make the effort.


Focus Your Strategy 


Instead of trying to do ten things at the same time with an average success rate is it always best to focus your strategy on one thing and be perfect in it. For example, if you need to build a following on 5 social platforms, instead focus on building an audience for one (with the other four on pause). This will enable you to have a more loyal and passionate following that are enthusiastic about your brand.




Networking with influencers is the best way to get your business promoted and it is an excellent PR strategy. You should look for influencers within your niche and become friends with them as they would be more than happy to help promote your content to their followers. For example; you can post an article about your brand and ask the influencer to share it with his followers. This will give you instant access to their massive followers within a short period of time without a significant amount of effort.


Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a dedicated PR manager or have the time to do it themselves. These 5 PR strategies for entrepreneurs are enough to get the ball rolling.

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