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SEO Trends and Factors Affecting Your Website Ranking

Every day, millions of people study how SEO works. There is a good reason for this. SEO is the only way to make sure your website gets lots of organic traffic from search engine queries.

SEO is a set of actions that seek to get a website ranked higher on a search engine’s results page. Over the years, it has evolved and now includes a pretty much complex system that every webmaster out there struggles with.

There are several essential underlying factors that can increase or decrease your site’s ranking. The load speed is one of them. Statistics show that 47% of users would not wait for a site to load for more than three seconds. On the average, a top-ranked website has a load speed that is 17% higher than a site ranked at number 10.

The quality of a website’s content is another factor that affects its rankings. Google, for instance, has an algorithm that measures whether a site’s content is readable and related to its LSI keywords.

Content presentation is another important factor that affects rankings. Most readers scan through the site content. If it is designed well, people will spend more time enjoying it, which will actually effectively reduce your site’s bounce rate, increase click-through rate, and inherently boost your site’s rankings.

To know more about the factors Thankfully, SEO Tribunal has put together a well-researched infographic that helps your website rank high in search engines, check out the infographic below:

72 Stats To Understand SEO in 2018

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