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4 Steps to Make a Mobile Friendly Website

Are you looking to make a mobile-friendly website, but not sure where to start?

It is important to reach your customer base no matter their location. In this day and age, mobile phones allow us to access the web almost anywhere on the planet, and it should be important to you that your customers can reach your website at any time on any device.

It is an absolute must!

Focus on Simple Design

Having a simple design in order to have a mobile-friendly website is practical.

Simple designs make it easy to catch the user’s attention and keep their attention on the content you want them to be viewing.

The average desktop or laptop screen is horizontal, while a mobile screen is generally vertical.

This causes many design issues when loading on a mobile browser. If your website is business based, be sure to write a good marketing proposal template that is also mobile friendly.

This could very well be the most important part of your online business domain.

Don’t Use Flash

Flash was thrown out the window many years ago because it’s bad for SEO.

Flash slows down a page’s loading time, creates glitches and occasionally doesn’t even work at all on some devices.

If you think that you need Flash, there are many other alternative programs to use instead of the outdated latter.

Luckily, it is easy to find a web design that works on all platforms without it.

Use Large Font Sizes

Have you ever visited a website on your smart phone’s browser and the text was just so tiny that you had to continually zoom in on the page?

Nobody wants that! Reading on a smaller screen is already difficult enough for some people.

Stick with standard fonts (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman) and use a font size of 14px or greater. Creative fonts can make a site look nice, but any nonstandard font a user’s browser may have to download can slow your page’s loading time.

Check to ensure that the font you choose correlates well with the sizing; some fonts are easier or harder to read at different sizes.

Make Your Button Sizes Large

On a desktop computer or laptop, it is very simple to click on buttons of any size.

However, when you’re attempting to touch buttons with your fingers on a much smaller smartphone screen, this can prove to be extremely difficult to the point of the user giving up.

This can create an annoyance for users, especially if the buttons are small and too close together causing them to click on three things at one time.

Be wary of making the buttons too large, though, as large page items can slow downloading time.

Making your website mobile friendly is easy, but may require some major changes.

Additionally, as technology advances, even more, changes will need to be made to keep up with new formats and designs.

These changes will be beneficial to you, your website, and your business in the long run.

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