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Your Complete Guide to Mask Wearing

If someone had told you in 2020 everyone would be wearing face masks outdoors, you would think they were crazy. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic took every single one of us by surprise; this unprecedented tragedy has left nobody’s life unaffected.

One thing that has become the new normal is wearing masks. In many countries, mask-wearing has become a law in certain places and situations, such as supermarkets and social meetings. Here is your complete guide to mask-wearing.

Why Should I Wear a Mask?

Mask-wearing does not make you immune to contracting COVID-19, but it does reduce your likelihood of catching and passing it. COVID-19 is contracted through water droplets that are passed from person to person or on surfaces that are then touched by others, such as desks. Research suggests that 33,000 deaths could be prevented by October 2020 if 95% of people wore a mask in public. Those are pretty scary numbers. Wearing a mask is vital to protect yourself and others. Check out My BioSource to read about the pandemics’ history, definition, and more.

Where Can I Buy a Mask?

If you prefer to wear a surgical mask, you can bulk-buy these in most retailers and pharmacies. Surgical blue masks are single-use, so you need to buy quite a few to sustain yourself. A more environmentally friendly option is to buy cotton masks that require machine washing and are reusable.

You can buy them from the dynamic gift. Many fashion brands are now producing their own branded masks which are pricier but do the trick. If you are required to wear a mask daily, you should purchase at least three cloth masks, in order to rotate.

You can also choose a face shield, which allows those with deafness and other disabilities to lip-read, and does not feel restrictive on your face.

How Do I Wear a Mask Correctly?

Water droplets are passed from your mouth and your nose, so it is essential your mask covers both. Wearing your mask on your chin is like wearing your pants around your ankles, so don’t be that person.

Even if you aren’t in close contact with anyone, it is important to wear your mask when you are out and about at all times. Your droplets can be transferred onto surfaces like subway poles supermarket shelves, which are then touched by others and can be transferred to their mouths, eyes, ears, or noses. The virus does not discriminate, it can affect anyone at all, so even if you aren’t close to anybody in public, keep your mask over your nose and mouth.

We can beat this virus together, with teamwork, patience, and resilience. Wear your mask, and reduce the chance of hurting another person. It’s that simple.

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