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What Will Social Distancing Really Mean?

We’ve already begun to see the impacts of social distancing. You’ve probably seen the helpful markings on shop floors. But it’s important to be aware that the economy isn’t backfiring on all cylinders just yet. There’s still a long way to go and when doors do finally reopen, social distancing will have to remain. What will this mean for you as a consumer and the businesses that you visit?

Lower Levels Of Staff

In the UK, McDonald’s has begun to reopen its drive-throughs with more than 30 now up and running. However, it’s going to be a slow process to get back to the high levels of productivity and efficiency the brand was once known for. Indeed, the company has already warned customers to expect slightly longer wait times. This might have been optimistic as reports have suggested that customers were queuing in traffic for hours to get their happy meals.

This isn’t just about readjusting to new measures. McDonald’s has already mentioned smaller teams are working. Ultimately it is likely that companies are going to need to operate like this for quite some time and it will lead to massive cuts in numbers of employees. This could also have an impact on the level of customer support available when visiting these businesses

Contactless And Flexible Payment Methods

Before the coronavirus crisis companies were already utilizing methods of payments that extended beyond the typical cashier desk. Expect this to continue with companies working with the right payment processing company to ensure that payments are as flexible as possible while remaining contactless.

The aim here will be to keep things running efficiently and stop consumers from getting stuck in queues where they are in close proximity to other people. The good news is that the tech is already available. It’s just a matter of incorporating it into different business models and settings.

Temperature Checks

Cinema chains are planning to reopen in July at the latest, just in time for a massive blockbuster to try and win audiences back. But how is an industry based on people sitting in large crowds going to survive this crisis? Well, companies have already suggested that temperature checks could be the norm.

It’s going to be interesting to see how many people are going to show up if measures like this are in place. As well as this, the chains are also going to need to keep capacity levels at roughly 50%. So, while this may lead to a more pleasant experience for customers, it could hurt businesses in terms of profits. They won’t be the only ones either. Limited capacity is probably the only way theme parks will be able to reopen.

Masks A Must

Finally, it’s highly likely that a large number of businesses are going to require staff, customers, or perhaps both groups to wear masks within their stores. It’s important to note that masks are believed to be effective at preventing someone who already has the virus from passing it on and therefore reducing the R rate.

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