Do's and Don'ts in marketing

Five Common Do’s and Dont’s in Marketing

Running a business is more than just making money; it’s about bringing your idea and vision to life and hoping you can help people. Therefore, every business owner wants to ensure that they can reach out to as many people as possible and make a name for themselves.

However, marketing your brand is no easy feat. When designing a marketing strategy, there are multiple aspects you need to consider to ensure that you create a loyal clientele. Without proper marketing, you will have limited opportunities and won’t be able to expand your business. It is a continuous process that allows you to engage new customers and develop better relations with your existing ones.

However, you may make some mistakes without the proper knowledge that can drastically set your business back. To save you the trouble, we’ve listed the most common dos and don’ts of marketing. These Do’s and Dont’s in Marketing tips will allow you to effectively market your brand, no matter what your niche is. So, keep reading below to learn how to expand your business best.

Do: Use Ebook Marketing

When planning a marketing strategy, most startups tend to believe that it’s best to stick to the traditional forms. While that may work for some businesses, your strategy’s success depends on whether your preferred marketing strategy is relevant to your business. Suppose your company has products or services that your customers need to understand fully before making a purchase. In that case, you can significantly benefit from ebook marketing. Furthermore, ebooks are an excellent way for all businesses to describe their vision and business plan at length for investors and clients alike. They help you establish your place as an industry expert by providing the reader with valuable information.

Ebooks have also come a long way since their inception. They can now be quick to produce and attractive. They don’t have to be boring manuals filled with page after page of text. You can customize your ebook entirely and add infographics, video links, pictures, and more to keep readers hooked. They’re also an excellent way for you to repurpose existing content on your blogs, videos, or any other source. If you’re interested in learning more, you can head to to make your e-book.

Don’t: Forget to Use Email Marketing

With so many new and innovative marketing forms out there, many feel that email marketing is outdated and ineffective. However, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing forms, yielding decent ROI. Small businesses and established corporations use email marketing to reach out and make long-lasting relations personally.

One of the reasons email marketing has such a high ROI is because it allows you to engage further with an already interested audience. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return of $42 on average.

However, when using email marketing, be sure to create your email list instead of buying one. If you buy emails, you can end up tarnishing your brand image for good, as clients won’t take kindly to unsolicited marketing tactics. Instead, use email marketing to make clients who subscribe to your service feel special. You can give them special discounts and alert them of offers to make them feel rewarded.

Do: Use Data Analytics

Using data analytics isn’t just something that larger corporations need to resort to. Businesses use data analytics for various tasks, and one use is judging the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns early on. Intelligent decision-making is the goal of any business. Big data allows you to artfully use all the numbers you gather in the digital space. Digital marketing industries are expected to be worth $389 billion by 2021 and comprise all internet forms. With the growing popularity of digital marketing, data analytics is essential for better marketing.

Data analytics allows you to judge the ROI on all your advertising campaigns to determine which practices are helpful and which aren’t. Furthermore, you can make better predictions about consumer behavior through customer segmentation and behavioral analysis. Through data analytics, you can determine which campaigns generate the most significant impact. You can learn how to improve your services. You can gather data for analytics from email correspondence, customer databases, and sales transactions.

Don’t: Make it Difficult

This is one of the most essential yet oft-overlooked parts of any marketing campaign. It’s easy to assume that a marketing strategy needs to be challenging to be successful. However, you need to understand that the more complicated the plan you pick, the harder it’ll be to implement. Abandoning a marketing strategy in the middle can cause you much more significant damage than picking an average one. Furthermore, even if you manage to complete the campaign, you can expend too much of your time and resources and stress your team out.

Moreover, an overly complicated technique can end up annoying your clients too. Customers don’t want to fill out extremely long forms to get to their promo material. Keep things short and exciting, and you’re guaranteed to get the best results.

Do: Quit Fast

One of the biggest reasons many startups aren’t successful is that they fail to recognize when a marketing strategy isn’t successful. Many assume that just because the same process worked for some other brand, it has to work for them. However, each business has its own unique plan, outcomes, and services that determine its marketing plan’s success or failure. Moreover, it’s vital to consider your target audience when picking a strategy.

It can be evident pretty early whether your chosen strategy will be successful or not. If you see signs that your plan won’t bring you results, it’s wise to quit fast instead of spending your entire budget on a failed technique. Cut your losses quickly, and move on to trying other methods which may suit your business better. Finding a successful marketing strategy will require some trial and error but will bring you results that are worth it.


Marketing doesn’t have to be such a convoluted process if you keep these Do’s and don’ts in mind. Following these tips will let you curate a marketing strategy designed to bring you the best results. It can help your brand get the exposure it needs to grow fast and become a household name.

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