Office is so cold

Why is The Office so Cold? 4 Reasons Your Office Isn’t Protecting You Against The Chill

Having a comfortable environment is paramount when it comes to employees being productive at work. If they are too hot or too cold then it’s likely to impair their focus. This will stop them from getting things done in the manner that you would perhaps like them to. Here are four reasons that the office is so cold and what you can do to keep workers feeling happy and motivated in the office.

You need to maintain your heating system

We all take for granted the air systems will do the job of keeping the office at the optimal temperature. Most of the time they do a pretty good job of doing so– but sometimes they fail. In cold weather, it can make being in the house unbearable. When it happens during unsociable hours, you need to call in expert 24 hour AC repair professionals to assess.

Your Air Filter Needs Changing 

If there are issues with the air filter, then your heating and cooling system won’t be able to function properly. The filter should be cleaned or changed every three months. This is because debris and dirt can become trapped as it passes through your system. This will create blockages that will mean you won’t be able to feel the power of your heating system. Get professional advice about how to clean or replace your AC filter.

Your Building Isn’t Properly Insulated 

Buildings that aren’t properly insulated will tend to lose a lot of heat. You need to look at a range of ways to insulate the building. Most commonly, people will insulate the attic- particularly in older buildings.  However, you may consider looking at double or triple-glazed windows or underfloor heating.  Lots of heat can escape through the walls, too, so it’s worthwhile investing in cavity wall insulation. While it may cost a lot of money to install, you will likely save money for your business on the heating bill.

Cold Air is Coming into The Building

While your heat and air systems may be working just fine and you have paid for better insulation, all of that will go to waste if you have a draft. If there are cracks and gaps in your doors and window frames then you need to utilize a solution to get rid of them. Use sealing or filling products such as polyurethane caulk or acrylic sealant to close off the gaps. Again, you may want to pay for professionals to do it for you as they will likely have access to the right products to keep you safe and warm.

Any change in temperature will impact the potential success of your team, so it’s important that none of the things that are within your control as a business owner gets in the way of you being able to create an optimal working environment for all. 

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