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RelayThat App Review: The Best Rapid Graphics Software Around

Creating quality graphics for your social media content, blog posts, website and printed banner ads or even email headers can be quite a task. In many cases, it can be unappealing and downright frustrating.


The reason is usually simple and near obvious; most people aren’t creative enough nor do they possess the skills needed to create good graphics. As such, they would rather spend their time elsewhere than try doing something they are neither good at nor interested in.

While skilled designers can utilize a host of software options to create mind-blowing works with relative ease, the same cannot be said of non-designers and newbies. For this lot, it can be too expensive or time-consuming to master the right creativity and skill to use any of the software

So where does that leave them?

In this age, all hope is not lost. More and more options are popping up promising to level the playing field for every creative to be able to get their fair share of the cake.

Most marketers, content creators, small business owners, and freelancers have turned their eye to graphic design tools. Some of these modern tools include graphics apps that are meant to take the creative burden off their back, which can be easier said than done.

Luckily for us all, one such app has come up and ticked all the right boxes and allowed design newbies and content creators to achieve their graphics goals with incredible ease.

Enter RelayThat App

Like many online graphic tools, RelayThat App was designed to simplify the design creation process. On one end, you have the established design standard Adobe Creative Cloud and the, let’s admit it, a headache that is Digital Asset Management Workflows. On the other hand, you get to choose between Photoshop and Illustrator alternatives like PicMonkey and Vectr which to speak in daylight, they are far from being labeled simpler options.

Next comes the content creator that wants to make things even more effortless. An option that gives you the option to start your branding ideas just a second after logging in. Here is an app that does not judge you for the lack of magic design tools. The RelayThat app gives you the confidence that there is no right or wrong path to find your ideal design.

As a longtime user of this powerful app, I have shared some of the standout features, among many, that work great for my projects and make creating stunning graphics a stroll in the park.

Spoiler alert, top of the list has to be ease of use….let’s check them out.

User-Friendly App

An essential feature for any product, the ease of use makes RelayThat a popular app among users. Unlike some similar apps on the market that can be complex to the user, RelayThat is designed to be user friendly with simple, pre configured layouts and multiple options to choose from. With just a single click, you will have multiple options to choose from.

The app also allows you to change fonts and images in the blink of an eye. Whether you need a Facebook cover photo, Twitter header, Pinterest, Instagram, or blog ad image, you will have stunning graphics at your disposal with just a few clicks.

The Magic Import Tool

One of the most significant if not crucial features of RelayThat is the magic import tool. Consider the time you spend downloading, saving and uploading image assets for your project cut in half. In a content-busy world, this is a welcome timesaver. This is a trademark design option that only RelayThat offers.

One of, if not their great selling point, the magic import tool continues to change the graphics game. You have to admit, the simple ability to import photos, colors, and logos from any website URL straight to your project is monumental. Compared to all the hardest labor of researching, downloading, renaming, and importing images from other sources, the magic import tool is a grand and invaluable time-saver.

Professional Layout Library

RelayThat utilizes a vast library of professional templates in their Layout Library as the starting point. The templates are inspired by different industries and niches. Moreover, there are over 2000+ of smart layouts ready to get you started on your graphics journey.

Here, you can make logos, images, posters, banners, brochures, business cards, infographics, name them. The best part is obviously the ability to prepare graphics for all the social media channels, ads, and even print. You can even make YouTube stills and Audio Covers. If you think you are hooked, wait till you get to the end.

Smart Layouts

The smart and responsive layouts of the app let you browse all the available pre-built ideas to meet your brand. As such, you don’t have to keep remaking standard dimensions of social media specs and other common layouts. The app already guarantees 50+ of the most popular layout sizes. Next, you can customize the assets with your colors, font pairing, header styles, and other presets.

Where non-designers and newbies can find it hard to combine colors with the eye of a pro or even pair a font to have the desired artistic effect, RelayThat App does the hard work for you. Their Idea Presets is a great one-touch feature that swaps colors and pairs fonts in a click.

Just use the palettes by clicking on them to swap color variations for your starting template.

Fast Workspace

After you are done with the selections, RelayThat helps you put it all together in one workspace. You can then use the workspace to organize the assets you need for your final brand idea. These folders can either be collaborative or you can switch between multiple workspaces for simultaneous projects anytime.

There you have it. Now that we have that walkthrough, here’s one more quick glance at what to expect;

The Pros

  • Zero learning curve needed with pre-designed assets at your disposal
  • Quick intuitive features that allow fast graphics in just a few minutes
  • Ability to create multiple graphics variations of your brand assets in a single click
  • Easier brand management with every asset ready to be imported and utilized
  • A rich and extended library of images and thousands of icons to choose from

The Cons

  • Some beginners might need video tutorials which RelayThat does not provide
  • Since RelayThat already provides the templates, it may be a handicap for pro designers
    looking for more customization options.


The best way to experience the amazing world of RelayThat graphics is to try them out yourself. Simply make a prototype of your brand image on all the platforms you have on your shortlist. Next, click generate. What you get is consistent graphic content and your steady online presence starts there!

Rating 9/10 Highly Recommended

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