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How To Get Great Content For Your Blog


You are the acknowledged leader in your niche – But you cannot write.

How do you get great content if you don’t know a verb from an adverb?

How do you find the content you need to maintain your leadership position?

If you can’t write it then somebody else will have to, but nobody else knows the subject like you do. You have tried hiring freelancers and it was a disaster. How do you get a freelance writer to write with your expertise when they are not niche experts?

Who Will Write for You?

You have two options:

1. Look for guest bloggers who know nearly as much as you do and who will write without payment

2. Pay freelance writers whatever it takes to get a good article

Sub-standard articles will destroy your website and your own reputation. Don’t go there.

Guest Bloggers

There are writers who will write for you without pay. They have a few conditions that you need to understand and be happy with.

Firstly, you must give them a link. The reason they are willing to write for you without payment is in the hope that some of your readers will follow the link and visit their own website. The link might be in a bio or embedded in the article.

Secondly, you must have a good number of visitors who are active. There must be a large number of comments on most posts. “just passing” site visitors are extremely unlikely to follow the guest blogger’s link and engage on his or her site in turn.

Finding a Freelance Writer

How to get great content for your blog

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Monkeys can’t write well, so the money you pay them is money wasted.

You need to pay a fair rate for the job. If you need a British or American writer then you will be lucky to find a good one for less than $2 per 100 words.

How to get great content for your blog

A good writer will take at least three hours to research and write a 1,000-word article. Expect this to cost between $33 and $100.

These rates are much higher than you will be quoted on freelancing sites because the writers on those are desperate for work. You need to ask yourself why they can’t find work that pays a living wage before you hire them.

You can hire writers from India and African countries, but be careful to hire well-educated people or you will spend a fortune on editing.

You are going to have to compromise, either on quality, or cost. This article I wrote recently spells out the compromises in more detail.

Finding an Editor

If your writing skills are not good, then how are you going to tell the difference between good and poor writing?

You will need to hire an editor and this will cost you at least as much in terms of hourly rates as a good writer. Your editor will be accepting work on your behalf, so it needs to be someone you trust.

Briefing Your Writers

You are the expert. You are the only one who knows everything about your subject.

So, you need to tell your writers what to write. You need to give them what is in your expert’s head. A good writer can take your in-depth niche expertise and knowledge and turn that into a masterpiece of words.

This is never a task that can be left to your editor.

You can work with your editor to turn your draft into a form that your writers will be able to work with, but your input is essential.

In Summary

You can get great content for your website, but you are probably going to have to pay someone to write it. Guest bloggers are not going to be falling over each other in their urge to write for a new site that is not yet established and has few readers.

Over to You

How do you solve the content quality problem? Are you still writing it yourself? Please comment and share your solutions, because we are all in this together.

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