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Is Your Website Truly Customer Friendly?

Making your website customer friendly is a top property in the world of e-commerce. Do people find your site attractive? Is it easy to use and will they come back again? Without a website, you’re not going to make much of a profit, both off and online. 

The online world is where most people discover a new business they want to shop at. You’ve got to prove they’re in the right place from the beginning! Here’s how to ensure your website is truly customer friendly.

Can it Be Used on a Mobile Device?

Mobile traffic is a huge portion of the total incoming hits your website gets. So don’t do your mobile visitors a disservice! Shopping via your phone is the most convenient way to buy these days. It’s best to cater to this fact. 

Not only will your website be customer friendly but you’ll also get a stronger visitor profile. Search engines tend to prioritize mobile friendly websites above all else. It’ll help with your current search standing as well. 

Is it Easy to Check Out?

Customers shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to taking their baskets and paying for their items. Just like there should be a clear line of traffic in a physical store, it shouldn’t be hard to navigate through the checkout online either. 

So make it clear and obvious where to go once someone has finished browsing through your products! Be sure to use images we all recognize, make sure the surrounding layout is clear, and then just add a payment button to your ecommerce site to keep things moving fast too. People don’t want to get stuck in the checkout – they’ll lose faith in your system.

Could a Customer Quickly Find What They’re Looking For?

Your website needs to be easy to navigate through, and the layout needs to make sense from an accessibility point of view. Not everyone who visits will be using a mouse, so your ‘tab order’ should move linearly and quickly. 

Similarly, you should have a search bar! If someone knows they want a certain product, make sure they’re able to tap it in and immediately go to the right page. Remember, no customer will thank you for making them click through 10 pages before they can end up where they want.

Is it a Secure Place to Be?

Finally, your website needs to obviously be a safe place to shop. This can be done in a variety of ways, what with HTML security and an SSL layer, but via the use of encryption as well. If someone hands you their personal details, only they should know them; this kind of information should never be stored in plain text format.

A customer friendly website is a nice place to be. Keep this in mind when building one for your business.

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