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Fun, Flexible, and Profitable Freelance Jobs You Have To Try

There are so many benefits to being a freelancer. Not having to get out of your pajamas to work, and making as many cups of coffee as you like! No matter how good the benefits are, you should pick freelance jobs that are fun and profitable too. The good news is you can find 4 of the best freelance jobs that fulfill these criteria below.

Personal Training

If you love a good workout then freelance personal training could be the role for you. After all, you get to set your hours and prices. You can focus the training around the activities you most love to do like Yoga or Boot Camps. 

You can even earn advanced personal training certificates from well-known providers like the American Sports and Fitness Association online, now. This means you can easily add another string to the bow of your personal training business and ensure you maximize your profits and revenue.


If you are more of a bookworm, taking work as a freelance writer can be an excellent choice. There are so many ways to break into this freelance career too. Writing for clients on sites like Upwork, creating a website to offer specific services, or working with an SEO agency. 

If you require advice on how to get started as a freelance jobs writer, then check the sub-Reddit r/freelancewriters. It is a gold mine of useful and practical advice and information. Be sure to check it out!

Graphic Designer

For those more focused on the visual world rather than the written word, freelance jobs as graphic designers could be just the ticket! Indeed, the demand for graphic designers continues to grow as more and more businesses require assets and visual brand identities for their online presence.

There is currently some debate in the field, as to whether you need a full degree from an art school to work as a professional freelance graphic designer though. However, it is worth bearing in mind that like with any other creative job, the thing that ponytail clients will be looking for most is evidence that you can do the task that they need to be completed. What this means is a good portfolio will be the most important aspect that determines whether you can secure work.

Dog Walker

Lastly, if being stuck behind a desk all day sounds like your idea of hell, maybe work that gets you outside in the fresh air will suit you. One of the best options for this is to work as a freelance dog walker. 

The great thing about being a dog walker, aside from spending most of your day with cute animals, is that you can walk multiple dogs at the same time. This means you can maximize your returns while minimizing the time you will need to be out working. 

To begin in this field, sign up for a dog walking site, and make sure you have comprehensive insurance.

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