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Strategies to Increase Websites Conversion Rate

Getting huge amounts of traffic to your website is considered great, but if this traffic is not converting then it is useless.

In this article, I will share an outline 36 ways to increase your websites conversion rate and getting your visitors to take action by giving you their email address or make a purchase.

Fewer the Fields the Better

In your email opt-in form, you should ask for as little information as possible. People generally don’t like to fill in lengthy forms.

When I first started Startupily I had included first name, last name and email address in the opt-in form and noticed that I was only receiving 5 opt-ins per week.

I experimented and just kept the email address section and saw the number of opt-ins I received per week increased to 20.

Add a Guarantee

If you are selling something from your website you should include a no questions asked refund policy on all the purchases.

This will reduce risk, people will trust your product and business and will increase sales.

Use Action Verbs in Your Headings

When writing out a call to action you should try to use action words that spur visitors to take action on your website.

The best action words I have tested are “grab yours”, “reserve your seat”, “limited time only”.

Use Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a good way to show social proof and it can reduce risk. A good way to utilize testimonials is to include it on the product landing pages and email opt-in pages.

When people read these testimonials it provides a sense of security to them.

State the Benefits of Your Product

You should always list the features of your product and explain to your customers how the product or service will help them or solve their problem.

Focusing on how your product can help solve a customer’s problem can increase sales.

Pay Attention to Your Headline

Your landing page should have a short, to the point and very effective headline. Write down at least 10 possible headlines, tweak them so they get your point across and choose the strongest one.

Conversion Boxes Should be Above the Fold

Email opt-in boxes, product opt-in boxes, etc should be at the top of the page so when the customer visits your website it is visible to them. This will ensure optimal results.

Use Video to Enhance Your Brand

It’s always good to use a video on your website as well to show humanization and personalization of your business.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages for PPC Ads

If you are using PPC ads to get visitors then you should create a dedicated landing page for this. Do not create PPC ads on your homepage.

Include Social Media Follower Counts

Social media counts are also important just like testimonials. Social proof helps reduce risk and can also increase conversions.

Include Strong Call to Actions

It is important to include strong calls to actions within your website so your reader knows exactly what to do next, whether it’s a click a button or read the next post.

Include Product Stock Numbers

If you are selling a product on your website then its always good to include a number of remaining stock with the product description. “Most companies include Order now only 3 left in stock.”

Recommend Related Products

You should include links to related content or products so your visitors are engaged while visiting your website.

Test Your CTA Button

If you have included a buy now or order now button to your website make sure it is placed somewhere on the page where it is visible and easy to identify.

The position, color, and size of text can play a very important role in your customer’s decision of purchasing your product. You should test out several variations to see which ones will perform well.

Inform Visitors About the Product

Provide your customer with all the details of the product/service so they know everything about the product.

What are the features and benefits of it, how it can be used and how will they receive it? The more information the customer knows the better.

Give a Clear Value Proposition

Provide your customer with details on how your product is different from your competition and what additional value your product brings.

Tunnel Vision Approach

When your customer comes to your landing page make them focus on just one thing. Do not include other offers, links to other pages, etc as this will distract your visitor.

Your landing page should only be about getting your visitor to take one action – purchase the product or opt-in their email.

Include Privacy Statement on Opt-in Forms

Adding an additional line about the privacy statement can have a huge impact on the conversion rate.

Make Your Visitors Excited

You should always use emotionally charged language and create a story about your product so visitors can connect with you and the product. This will make them eager to purchase your product or service. 

Meet the Expectations of Your PPC Visitors

If customers are clicking on your PPC ad to visit your landing page, make sure the ad copy is consistent.

Your ad should tell them exactly what they will find on your website.

Payment Options

Always consider offering a variety of payment methods so you can satisfy all kinds of clients you may have.

Customer Reviews are Key

Your website should also include customer reviews as most people tend to purchase solely based on other customers reviews as it helps them make purchase decisions.

According to a study done by Zendesk, 88% of customers said their buying decisions were influenced by positive reviews.

Landing Page Color Combinations

Different colors signify different things to different people. You should test your page with a variety of colors to see which one would help increase conversion rates.

High-Quality Images

Always use images that are of high quality. Generic and low-quality pictures can have a negative impact on your products and brand. Always use professional quality photos.

CTA Button Over Links

Its always better to include buttons instead of links as people tend to click on buttons more especially if they are using a cell phone.

Chat Tool

A live chat tool is also very important to engage with your customers and to make a sale with excellent customer service.

Single Column Layout

It’s always best to use a single column layout for your website over a double column layout.

Include a Headshot

Make your website more personal so you should include a personal photo in your sidebar or near your CTAs.

Price Match Guarantee

If your customer finds the exact same product at a cheaper price you should offer them a price match guarantee as this will help you get a customer and will convey a positive image of your business.

Always Us Pictures of Happy People

Include images of people who are happy and smiling as this portrays a positive impact on the visitor and result in a higher conversion rate.

Contact Information is a Must

Always include detailed contact information so your customers can contact you easily if they have any questions.

Give Discounts

If you have a new customer, offer them free shipping or give them a certain percentage discount as a thank you for purchasing your product. This will definitely make the customer return for more.

Forget the Registration Process

Some websites require the visitor to register themselves and fill in a detailed form.

Most customers don’t like to fill in lengthy forms. Make sure to offer a one-time express checkout for the convenience of the customer.

Match Your Copy’s Reading level to Your Audience

Using difficult or obscure language on your website or posts can make you lose visitors. Make sure your content is easy to read and is understandable.

Reduce the Options

It’s always best to have a few products to sell. When there are too many options to choose from the customer gets confused and avoids to make a decision.

Be very clear about your product and who it is for. It’s always good to add a most popular choice option so visitors can see what other people like to purchase.

Bonus Tip

In order to get a high converting website, the key is to always test and test it out.

A strategy that works for one website or business may not work for yours. It is always a learning curve so constantly test and see what works for you and then stick to it.

Over to You

Do you have any creative ways on how to increase your websites conversion rate? If you do, please share it in the comment section below.

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