5 Must See Videos on Business and Success


When starting a new business it can be unpredictable, challenging and extremely scary when you are on your own.

However, it can be helpful to receive tips, advice, and guidance from entrepreneurs who have experience and have gone down the same path that are you starting.

Their experiences and advice can provide good insight and information that will help us to avoid common mistakes. Following their advice should be treated as inspiration and will help you to achieve success.

Every week I take out a few hours from my work schedule just to sit and watch inspirational videos from entrepreneurs who have started successful businesses.

I recently came across Stanford Business School’s youtube channel and found these great videos of world-renowned leaders and entrepreneurs who provide great and honest advice.


Below are 5 must see videos on Business and Success.


1. What Stops Successful People from Going the Distance by Greg McKeown


Greg Mckeown wrote a book called Essentialism where he discusses what he believes stops entrepreneurs from moving forward and reaching the next level. Here is a short clip by Greg discussing a few points from his book.



2. You should Learn as You Go by Drew Houston (Founder of DropBox)


Drew Houston the founder of DropBox which is a multi-billion dollar company tells the audience at Stanford that entrepreneurship will always remain a learn as you go experience.



3. The Creative, Courageous Entrepreneurs by Marc Andreessen


Marc Andreessen is a co-author of the Mosaic browser and co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Marc talks about the defining difference between those with talent who are not able to go the distance versus those entrepreneurs who do.



4. Performance Culture by Carlos Brito


Carlos Brito is the CEO of InBev and argues about a common metaphor among those who lead professional teams, that they would be wise to embrace lessons learned in athletic teams.

Athletic sports teams promote a performance culture and Carlos says that it should be incorporated in the business setting. Implementing this culture can help to spur higher performers and more focus amongst the team.



5. Candor in the Work Place by Jack Welch


Jack Welch is the former chairman and CEO of General Electric GE from the years 1981 to 2001. In this video, he talks about how ‘candor in the workplace’ makes great teams great. He also goes further to say that growing organizations should seek to keep the honesty that is often present in small businesses or startups.



I am sure theses videos have provided you with some new insight on how to run your business and take it to the next level.

If you want some more inspiration and motivation to pump you up then this video Why Do We Fall is a must watch.



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