how to make your business stand out

How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Market


6 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out


Whatever you’re flogging these days, whether it’s artisan coffee or SEO services, chances are you’re operating in a crowded market. There are more people than ever before eschewing traditional career paths, like joining a reputable company and working their way up, to try their own hand at making their own business a success.

When this works, it can be very lucrative. When it fails, it can be crushing – it means starting back at square one. What it means for everyone is much more competition.

In such a crowded marketplace, how can anyone ensure their business stands out?

Well, read on; we’ve got some handy pointers on how your business can stand out from the pack.


Great Website Design 


Doesn’t matter whether your hawking a physical service or an online product, people are going to treat your website as a way to try before they buy.

85% of millennials check out the website of a restaurant that’s been recommended to them before they decide to go. And if all your client services are online, the website is the front door of your shop, buddy. Keep it clean.

Great website design makes your business seem more reputable – which means more people will trust you enough to use your service.




People love freebies. Although we’re not suggesting you give away more than you can afford, sweeten the experience for your customers when they part with their hard-earnt cash by offering a freebie.

Many restaurants do free wine with meals on Monday or Tuesdays, and lots of cafes do a free cake with a coffee at certain times in the morning. If you’re an online retailer, chuck an additional service free of charge after customers have spent a certain amount.

Even if you don’t do this all the time, doing it infrequently is enough to keep people coming back for more.


Personalise Your Service


Whether this means actively taking an interest in the lives of the customers who come through the door or taking the time to talk to clients about their specific needs and wants, personalizing your service does wonder for your business.

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing aids there is. If you talk to people and add a little positivity to their day, chances are they will talk about you – and others will want to get into the action. Kindness attracts kind. Use this to the advantage of your business.

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Have an Eye-Catching Sign


Whether you’re based inside an office block, or have a shop on a backstreet, make sure your business has a visual signifier – a sign. Signs catch the eye of others in the industry, who may want to work with you and pique the curiosity of potential customers.

That’s why you want to choose the funkiest sign you can to attract new customers. Let your businesses personality – and professionalism – shine through with a great sign.


A Great Email Campaign


Are they not coming to you? Go to them! A catchy, personal email campaign is sure to get more patrons through the door.

Make sure you address exactly why they should use your service or return to it. Make it visual, so use a great font and an eye-catching image. Most of all – be humorous and personable. Make the email campaign relatable, and people will be eager to try your service because they feel connected to it.




A video can really make all the difference to the legitimacy of your brand. If you have a physical business, a tour of the premises, a look at the stock, or an introduction to your menu can really gain traction if it’s put on YouTube.

If you operate an online service, a video is a great way to introduce yourself to your clients. People like it if they can associate a face with a business. Make your business stand out with a sweet video.



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