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Metaschool is Democratizing Web3 Learning and Adoption, Here’s How

Web3 is all the rage nowadays, and a new startup. Metaschool is bringing beginner to advanced web3 learning to developers for free – is making sure it stays that way.

Despite being less than 6 months old, the Singapore-based startup has a base of 50,000+ engaged web3 learners from tech-forward nations like India, the USA, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Nigeria. In a time when there is great volatility in the crypto, web3 space, and people are skeptical about the promise of web3. The numbers at metaschool have proven otherwise.

But what even is this mysterious term ‘web3’ and why is it suddenly so popular? A little background into the internet and a bit of breaking down can explain.

Web1, Web2, & Web3

The internet and how it’s evolved can be divided into 3 phases.

Web1: read

Web2: read, write

Web3: read, write, and own

When we say read, we mean the internet was meant to be pretty much like a book. Only a few publishers had the authority to write about it and the masses had the option to read. There wasn’t much interaction between the author and the reader until the age of Web 2 came around. Think Yahoo.com and some old-school encyclopedias. 

Web2 empowered people to read as well as write. Blogging, social media, forums – all of these grew massively and empowered ordinary people to have a voice on the internet. This was also when people on the internet first poured in and their data was captured and held by corporations. 

This data is now used for detailed ad targeting and revenue generation by the same centralized corporations. So basically, you create content and they get to profit off of it. I’m sure, like me, you’re not a fan of it either. Popular examples include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Reddit. 

Enter web3, an iteration of the internet promising decentralization at its core. It’s run by the people and it’s for the people. While it’s not fully implemented as of yet, people around the world are gearing up to see a change in the web landscape. No selling of your data, no invasion of your privacy, and most importantly, your data and content stay your own, and you can make a pretty penny out of what you contribute to the internet too. 

Metaschool is on its way to upskilling 1M developers in Web3

The global developer community at metaschool, at present, is learning, building, and shipping web3 projects and opening themselves up to opportunities in the space. Mind you, the web3 job roles making the rounds are absolutely bonkers. Senior blockchain engineers and Solidity developers are making up to $750k/annum in some cases. 

The 50,000+ and growing developers at Metaschool are preparing for the same future and to have a chunk of the amazing career web3 can promise. While entry-level jobs do not pay as much – they pay a lot higher than tech jobs in the web2 space. That’s because there aren’t enough web3 developers and the jobs, much to your surprise, are plenty. It’s simple demand and supply economics. 

This can explain the 53% course completion rate in our community. Mind you, the industry average is 13%. Moreover, our platform has been growing ~56% WoW and is well on its way to registering and upskilling over 1M developers on our platform in the next 12 months.

Web3 Learning and Adoption Go Hand in Hand 

According to me, one of the most important factors to web3 learning is the unlearning of web2 – and not many web3 education providers are focusing on that. We’ve focused and spent a lot of our time and energy on building courses from scratch for someone who has web2 experience but hasn’t taken a bite out of web3 yet. 

A failure on other providers’ part is to assume that people come armed with basic web3 knowledge. Several surveys conducted across our community say otherwise and so we have focused on structuring each and every one of our courses in a way that takes into account beginners. 

At the moment Metaschool’s educational content is purely focused on web3 and currently covers ERC721/A, ERC1155, Solidity, and Smart Contracts for EVM blockchains. We’re working on expanding our offerings and typically add 2-3 courses per month to help boost learner experience and practice. Not to forget, they’re all free of cost. 

To reach out to the most qualified learners, we have partnered with several Google, Meta, and Microsoft communities for live coding camps. This has gone a long way in bringing ambitious developers looking to start dApp projects or find opportunities in the web3 space. 

Another massive addition coming to Metaschool in the near future will be our job marketplace. This will help create a bridge between skilled web3 developers and web3 companies on the lookout for fresh talent. 

If you’re someone who wants to explore and learn with our community, do give Metaschool a shot. You can visit our website and enroll in a web3 course now!

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