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Reliable Time-Tracking Software For Your Solar Installation Business

Tracking employees’ time when done properly, outstanding results can definitely be expected. Efficiently and accurately tracking time can aid your team to be self-sufficient as well. You are all going to be more mindful of how you perform and adjust accordingly. However, while there are a couple of methods to track time, one stands out from the rest: software solutions. It is a cost-efficient and accurate way for businesses, that are in a highly-technical environment such as solar installation.

The renewable energy industry has been reeling from the ongoing pandemic. It has laid off thousands of skilled workers, delayed construction, and inflicted some doubts on solar and wind ventures. Leaders from different countries remain confident that the future can still transition to cleaner energy. Scientists say it is not happening as quickly as it should due to the slowdown brought by the health crisis. Therefore, it is imperative to rethink their strategies and employ time tracking in order to get the best results. Below are three main benefits that time-tracking software can bring to solar installation businesses. It could help business owners assess why it would be truly beneficial.

Allows You to be more Mindful of Time as a Business Leader

With time-tracking software, you can track and acquire data where you can find the ratio of productive and non-productive work. This could be particularly useful in allotting work to your employees and soundly pricing your installation business services. You can consider for them to bring an ExakTime portable time clock to installation sites which is durable. Wireless technology that can send their time reports and activities to your cloud every hour. 

You can compare how many hours go into lead generation or acquiring more clients versus the actual client work. Doing so can give you insights into the kind of automation you need to save more time. By being aware of how much time you spend on each task lets you know particular areas of improvement. Time tracking and overall business automation can aid with your productivity and of your team. These will help you focus on other priorities and increase business revenue.

Empowers You to do Efficient Project Management

Traditional time tracking methods such as manual tracking is going to be more time-consuming compared to using time-tracking software. This accurate time tracking tool can automate processes, helping your employees save more time without anything much to worry about. While productivity is increased you wouldn’t need to manually analyze their timesheets and enjoy the advantages of a streamlined process. The time-tracking app Hourly can be most effective for this purpose. It is the only workers’ comp insurance platform that syncs payroll data and workers’ comp in real-time

Time-tracking software can give everyone their time back and allow them to focus on what really matters. It can also provide an on-demand overview of the time allotted to tasks. This could help you identify productivity blockers as well which include inefficiencies and work overload. Employees can inform their supervisors about their workload without saying it outright as they might not be comfortable doing so. Thus, you will be able to relieve that pressure by having daily updates on the status of individual cases.

If your workers are working efficiently, you can consider additional help to meet more installation requests and their respective deadlines. Time tracking is essential in identifying the areas of opportunities in boosting employee experience. Good time-tracking software has project planning templates that can help you compare the way you plan for the project to pan out with the reality of it. You can use the data acquired from a certain project you time-tracked to accurately plan your future projects. Ultimately fostering good working dynamics among your employees. 

Helps with the Needed Accountability Boost for Your Team

A time-tracking software would help them be more accountable with the way they manage their workload, especially when installing solar panels which require maximum focus. While it is not uncommon to be distracted, they should still be able to eliminate distractions with software subtly monitoring how they spend their time and get back to work. There is time-tracking software that can monitor URLs, idle time, and even apps that can keep the team accountable and productive. A time-tracking app called NextService is specifically designed to help solar companies expand their use of the NetSuite platform in order to control all aspects of their solar installation business.  The insights you can acquire could allow you to adjust workforce management accordingly by not unnecessarily confronting them which could affect personal and team morale. This could simply set reasonable expectations by knowing what specific help is needed to let them organize their time more efficiently. You will also have the opportunity to support them and communicate challenges as an accountable business owner yourself. 

Final Thoughts

Effectively managing your employees and installation projects can be tough without powerful time-tracking software. Use the insights you get from this software to keep your solar installation business profitable during these challenging times. This could help everyone in the team be more productive and motivated by knowing their own improvement areas.

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