skillset college students must develop

Skillset College Students Must Develop Before They Graduate


The world is constantly moving, evolving due to technology, innovation & change in mindset. If we don’t move with these changes we will be left behind.

In order to be successful one has to constantly better themselves by reading, and learning new skills. This will help them professionally and personally.

This article focuses on the important skills that students must develop on campus but also after they graduate.


6 Skillset College Students Must Develop


Adaptive Thinking


The 21st century is a digital age as almost everything is becoming computerized and it changes at an exponential rate. By the time a person learns how to use a software or program, a better version is about to be launched. People will need to continuously adapt to these changing conditions and must be willing to learn new things quickly and efficiently. Students need to learn how to learn.


Time Management Skills


Time management skill is one of the most important skills to have in almost everything you do. We can agree that there are certain personality types who are more organized when it comes to time and work whereas they are some who find it difficult to manage their time. I’m sure we all know people who are like that. Time management is a skill that anybody can learn if they put in the effort and stay focused.

A great book on time management, especially for students, is “How to become a straight A student” by Cal Newport.

Cal provides some great value and tips on how you can complete tasks and manage your time efficiently.

One example he gives is when completing homework assignments set a timer for 45 minutes to an hour and focus on working on the assignment only during that time. Turn off your mobile phone, email, social media, other distractions and use this time period for deep work.

When the time is up then you are free to take a break or do whatever you want. Do this exercise for at least 2-3 hour time blocks each day and you will be amazed at how much you can get accomplished.

This exercise will help you once you graduate and start working in a company or start your own business.


Research Skills


Researching is one important skill set to also have, be it in college or in the workplace. We are always required to write lengthy papers in college on a particular topic regardless of the major you have. So it is important to be organized in the material you find as you can find thousands of books, articles and research papers on multiple topics. Organizing the content, finding relevant information to your topic, put the information together and using your own words to discuss the findings requires a lot of work.


Problem Solving Skills


In today’s workplace, there is an increased emphasis on thinking critically, thinking out of the box, being innovative and focus on solving problems. Employers are looking for employees who can solve problems, engage and provide ideas that can help improve the company to increase revenues. If you are lacking this skill then it could be very difficult for you to land a good paying job.


Social & Networking Skills


This is by far the most important skill set to have. If you are social and can network you can really thrive in the workplace or even in life.

The world is becoming smaller and people have to interact with one another. The most introverted of us have to interact with other people once in a while.

Being sociable does come naturally to some people, but it can be learned through constant practice, building self-esteem and confidence. A good book to read that can help you is “The Like Switch” by Jack Schafer (A former FBI agent) who discusses “friend signals” that can get people to talk and like you.




Empathy is one skillset that is slowly disappearing. It is considered to be a very important skill to have in this age. Gary Vaynerchuck constantly emphasizes in all his videos about having empathy. If you don’t know who he is then you should definitely google or youtube him. He provides some great insight into personal development.

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their feelings & problems. If you can master this skill then you will be set for the new age of business.



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