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5 Things to Remember If You Want to Change Careers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The shock of the pandemic and the resulting impact it has had on the economy has made a lot of different types of planning difficult, especially when it comes to any major decisions to change careers. This does not mean that career aspirations should be put on hold, however, according to experts. Unless job seekers are hit with job insecurity, this involuntary pause could serve as a fresh start.

According to a recent study, there are five key things to remember that will keep job seekers focused on career goals, even during these troubling times. From job counseling to CPA Online Courses, there are many options available that will breathe new life into your career.

Focus On Yourselves

No. That’s not a misprint. Everyone has different aspects of themselves that they can explore when it comes to changing careers. However, during a pandemic, anyone considering a career change must pursue a range of options rather than a single one.

Serve The Liminal

Liminal refers to existing between the known past and the uncertain future, which is where a career change is by its nature. That’s not a comfortable place to be but is one everyone must find themselves in from time to time to develop as human beings. Neurological studies have shown that, when we make time for our “inner business,” we grow more than at those times when we focus on inner development.

Keep On Keeping On

Time spent on focusing on a career change can be an enormously rewarding time. Taking on a variety of projects could lead to several results happening. For example, taking a class in Oriental history—if that’s your passion—at the same time you take CPA, Online Courses could result in meeting new and different people, all of whom could enhance your career prospects, whatever they might be.

Reconnect With Others

It’s been a while since everyone was locked down and unable to spend much time together. Fortunately, there are still many ways to connect with others, including those who might be able to help with our career change. This doesn’t only mean in terms of Zoom gatherings. This also includes using other methods to build a network.

Recent studies have shown that distant connections are better at giving job seekers a fresh perspective and honest advice that those who are closer. Find a friend you haven’t connected within a while to add their perspective to your career change plans.

Talk It Out

Career changes are a very introspective process. In the effort to change careers, you will learn much about yourself, your talents, and your likes and dislikes.

Don’t be afraid to daydream. That’s part of the process. Better yet, commit your dreams to paper. This will give you somewhere to start when you start to implement a career change. Consider it a road map to your future.

What career changes come down to, whether it’s under circumstances that are “normal” or during a pandemic, you must give yourself totally to the process. When doing so, you will discover a whole new person you never knew existed. Not only that, but you will also discover many people who are available to help you along the way.

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