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5 Tips to Increase the Productivity of a Startup Team

Your startup team is the most valuable asset you have. Fostering an environment that inspires team productivity is a must for every organization. There are numerous ways to boost your team’s productivity. Hire the right people, work longer hours, or focus your energy and stop multitasking. This article examines some other ways to boost your startup team’s productivity.

Invest in Your Startup Team

Even the most talented worker in your team could use a solid employee development program. By investing in your employees, they are more likely to feel important and it makes them more loyal to the organization. Effective training also increases the workers’ usability and productivity within the organization, but above all, it increases your reputation as a good employer. Finally, investing in the development of your employees enables you to look into the future to be prepared.

Make Plans

Planning your daily activities can save you a lot of time and money. Working on things in a random order does not go well for any startup. Having to-do lists will definitely help you organize daily and weekly tasks much more efficiently. You would be surprised as to how this simple tip can increase your worker’s productivity, save you tons of time, and increase your success rate in the long run.

Use Technology Wisely

Researchers show that people are more productive while flying in an aircraft than while sitting in an office. There is a simple reason for that. Today, more than ever, we are constantly subjected to endless streams of notifications coming from email, social media, or Voicemails.

With today’s technology, you don’t have to use those distracting tools to manually inform your employees about shift changes and other important things. With the right shift planning tool, you can save time, money, and gain peace of mind, knowing that those distractions will disappear once you start using the right productivity software. This will definitely improve your team’s productivity and strengthen its internal communication.

Benefits of Team Building

Too much work without the opportunity for team bonding can drastically decrease a team’s productivity. All work and no play can potentially lead to performance anxiety or heavy burnouts. If you can’t leave the office you can always bring the employees together for fun games or short brainstorming activities.

Take Google for example. At this world-changing organization, the employees play all sorts of games– volleyball, scaling the walls, bowling, etc. Employees at some of the largest banks in the world are given time off to play golf or baseball against each other. Incorporating some kind of play at work builds trust and cooperation within the startup team and also greatly increases productivity.

Invest in a Healthy Environment 

Finally, it is known that providing a comfortable and healthy environment for your employees is the tested way to boost productivity and directly affects the profitability of your startup. The characteristics of the inside environment such as the abundance of natural light, air quality, or thermal comfort have all been proved to have positive effects on a team’s productivity.

If you create a workspace that is conducive to the health of your team, you can be sure that they will be motivated to work better, stay longer, recover from sickness quicker, and they will certainly be at less risk of a long term illness. You should consider putting some plants in the office, they will make employees calmer and more creative. Provide proper changing rooms and showers that will encourage your employees to do exercise or to come to work cycling. It sounds simple, but just implementing these little changes can have a huge impact on both your reputation as an employer and your startup team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Change is Good

Sure, there are a lot of other ways to improve a startup team’s productivity. You can eliminate useless meetings, insist on taking breaks more often, or simply set more specific daily tasks and goals. Be creative with ways to improve your team’s productivity. Implement some of these tips and be surprised by what you and your team can actually achieve.

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